At a loss for shoes

Ms. S&C is at a loss. She bought this super awesome lace dress from Banana Republic for a special occasion next month, but has no idea what shoes to wear with it. Black? Dark brown? Chunky heel? Sleek pump? Given the 1920’s-inspired style, maybe something vintage-y? T-strap? (The shoes on the model are not an option, by the way.)

Advice, please!

posted by Ms. S&C

5 responses to “At a loss for shoes

  1. So I’m not answering your question, but in fact posing my own question! What are you wearing this too? I ask because I am currently in the market for a new dress to wear to a wedding next month and wonder if this could fit the bill…do you think it could be dressed up enough?

  2. Um, Miss Kathy, those suggestions are brilliant! I adore the platform mary janes (and that ‘dune’ color), and I love the edginess of the criss-cross suede pump. Great, great finds — merci beaucoup!

  3. I’m actually wearing it to a dinner-indie-rock-concert-10-yr-anniversary-celebration. That’s why those edgy criss-cross heels would work nicely :) I think it could definitely be dressed up for a wedding (but probably not a black tie wedding). I think you’ll want a sleeker, sexier shoe and some sort-of large glam necklace. (Unrelated: it is very comfy and the layers hang nicely.)

  4. Just as a late comment – those model shoes are terrible and I hate that style of shoe. It is like 1/2 the shoe is missing and all they kept were the bad parts.

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