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S&C reader poll–vote on cocktails

Ms. S&C’s birthday is approaching.  In fact, it is on Repeal Day!  To celebrate the occasion, she and Mr. S&C will be hosting a cocktail party.  We’re having a difficult time deciding what cocktail we should serve.  Who better else to help us decide than readers?!?!?!  You’ll be hearing about it anyway:-)  Check out the drink descriptions below and vote on which cocktail you would like to see served at our upcoming cocktail party.

Pomegranate Gin Rickey – we’ll make our own simple syrup with pomegranate juice and seeds, mix with gin, lime and seltzer.   It will be our twist on a local fave.

Corpse Reviver, No. 2 – we first introduced the Corpse Reviver, No. 2, on Halloween, and we’re still not tired of it!  Love the combination of spirits and the tartness of lemon.

Champagne Cocktail – maybe a little raspberry liqueur, crème de cassis, or a French 75.  Who cares?  It goes with everything.

Jalapeno Margarita – we’ll infuse jalapeno in our simple syrup, combine it with lime and tequila. We may be serving contemporary Tex-Mex style appetizers, so this could be a perfect match.

Thanks for voting!

Love story

Oh la la. More exotic prints. More colors. More fabrics. More textures. More, more, more.

These heels are Missoni, a company famous for its unique knitwear. Founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953, after a romance that began at the 1948 Olympics in London. Rosita was studying there and decided to take in some track and field events. Ottavio was a hurdles runner who also happened to design his team’s track uniforms. Fast forward to now – and a great selection of their patterned footwear over at Zappos. Keep a watchful eye because you can find these same multicolor pumps for less at one of my neighborhood boutiques, The Shoe Hive.

Another great thing about multicolor prints – they pretty much go with everything. Kind-of like champagne. I’m in love too.

About this blog

I love shoes and I love cocktails.

I’m one of those people that use clothing to say something about myself. I’m not artistic, I can’t paint or sing or play an instrument. I’m not writing the great American novel any time soon. I can’t even get the New Yorker to choose my captions for their cartoon contests. And, I’m not super clever or witty, (though I think I am after a few cocktails!).

Back in college, I remember my husband (who cares zero about what he wears) telling a co-worker, at the bar where we both worked, that he thought I had great style. I was flattered. He still tells me, and I’m still flattered. Maybe I have some image issues, I don’t know. I just know that I like clothes and I want to look my best. This somehow brings me to shoes. I think shoes are the #1 accessory. You can make a great argument that its handbags, but I’m still going with shoes – you always have them on. On a day when I’m not sure what to wear and nothing seems to be working, I can slip on a black dress or black trousers, pop on my gold mary jane peep toes or my animal print pumps, and I’ve still got a great outfit.

Now for cocktails – like shoes, there’s one for every occasion. White wine spritzers for that afternoon wedding, manhattans on that early fall night. Margaritas with Mexican food, Cabernet with your steak. Cocktail hour may be my favorite time of the day. Work is over, and there’s nothing better than relaxing and chatting with friends, over a drink. I love that almost every Friday, my husband and I meet at our neighborhood bar to toast to the weekend. Before the bartenders knew our names, we were called the scotch and martini couple.

So, why a blog? Well, I’m going to be presumptuous and assume there people out there that a) may want to read about shoes and cocktails at the same time, and b) may actually like what I say about them both. Third, it’s kinda cool to interact with others that have the same interests. If you’ve found a great pair of shoes – share them! If you make a great cocktail, or have a fave restaurant or bar for cocktails – I’d love to hear it!

I’ll leave you with this picture that’s hanging in my office. It was purchased before I dreamed up this blog idea. Serendipity?