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PR’s fashion for the family

Last week’s episode of Project Runway wasn’t billed as a “mommy and me” matching clothing challenge, but nevertheless the designers were asked to create a fashionable children’s look as well as an adult companion piece.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Seth Aaron, who has a daughter close to the age of the child models, won (after all, he made a matching handbag for the little one’s outfit). It also wasn’t a shocker that Janeane was sent home (she’s been on shaky ground for weeks now, and Tim Gunn warned her that she was  rockin’ too much Halloween in her look).

Seth Aaron’s winning little girl and big girl
outfits on Project Runway.

Tory Burch was guest judge, so it’s only appropriate to pair shoes from her line with the winning outfit. Her back-zip sandals, with leather straps and a prominent back zip, have an edgy style that are a perfect match for Seth Aaron’s grown-up mod look (and his apparent love of infusing hardware in his designs).

For the little girl’s look, Michael Kors’ ballerina mary janes with the oversized rhinestone could be a good fit for a proper young lady, but I can’t resist pairing pink converse sneakers with the houndstooth hoodie (and especially after last week’s S&C for baby post).

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Shoes for a Cover Shoot: PR Recap

The Season 7 cast of Project Runway really seems to be bringing their a-games to the catwalk. And the judges are seeing that they live up to their potential with some truly excellent challenges. This week? Design a cover look for Hedi Klum herself to sport on the April issue of Marie Claire. Here are the highs-and-lows of last week’s episode to gear us up for this evening’s showing:

The contestants receive some guidance from the Marie Claire editor on how to create a cover look: focus on intricate details in the neckline; favor solids over prints; and don’t be afraid of color.

Some of my favorite looks didn’t even make it to the runway. Jay Nicolas’ floaty gown is super chic and original.

I’m surprisingly obsessed with Jonathan’s playful romper look. It certainly stands out from the other designs.

The loser of the night is no surprise: shorts, a shapeless
tank and a vest do not a PR winner make. I love the second-runner-up, though. Ben’s butterfly-inspired colorblock dress is fresh and bright, and I’m a big fan of the shape.

Anthony is the winner for his asymmetrical and brilliant blue cocktail dress. It’s totally fun and modern, but the shoes are a snooze-fest. Even though the focus of the cover will be on the dress, that’s no excuse to ignore footwear! My choice would be something a bit more colorful, like these purple Vince Camuto shoes over at









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S&C for baby

Ms. S&C has a dear co-worker/friend who recently delivered what-looks-to-be (because I haven’t met him yet!) a precious baby boy. I recall when shopping for a baby gift, I struggled a bit. I wanted something that matched his mom’s impeccable style. From the day we met, I knew we would be fast friends — we were wearing the same Nine West paisley peep-toe pumps! She’s been a constant fashion inspiration since.

I finally settled on Converse All Star’s — because even little ones could use a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. I found them over at Nordstrom at a reasonable price (not sure why baby shoes tend to be so pricey).

Shoes for baby, because even little ones need their own Chucks.

Before the little guy arrived, our office hosted a baby shower and Ms. S&C happily served on the punch-making committee. I found this work-and-pregnant-lady-friendly recipe at It’s called chilled Christmas punch, but it can be enjoyed year-round. New S&C name is:

Spiced Mocktail Punch
(serves a dozen or more)


• 2 cups water

• 3/4 cup sugar

• 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

• 1 (46 ounce) can pineapple juice, chilled

• 4 cups cranberry-apple juice, chilled

• 1 liter ginger ale, chilled


In a saucepan, bring the water, sugar and cinnamon to a boil; stir until sugar is dissolved. Chill (preferably overnight). Just before serving, combine the syrup mixture, juices and ginger ale in a punch bowl or large pitcher. Serve over ice, or use an ice block to chill.

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Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine,

Of course there isn’t anything I want more than you (and, to not to wear snow boots for awhile). But, if you’re in need of gift-giving ideas for the woman you love on Valentine’s Day, here are a few  suggestions.

The Kate Spade Gillian shoe is about the prettiest shoe I’ve come across in a long time. The ribbon detail and big bow at the top of a striking satin platform — they are so, so lovely. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, I’m pretty much in love with this flower clutch also. The bursting silk and chiffon petal blossoms are delicate, but would last a lot longer than real flowers. No need for chocolates and roses, I kinda have a V-day shoe-handbag-combo theme going on.

Lots of love,
Ms. S&C


At the bar where Mr. and Mrs. S&C worked while in college, we came across the word “snowden” etched in one of the wood tables. We had fun discussing (and still do) whether the table defacer was referencing a literal “snow den,” giving a literary nod to the character Snowden from Catch-22,  or my personal fave — phonetically spelling “snowed in.”

As DC’s snowmageddon approached (and the second one now in full force), Ms. S&C reached out to her Facebook friends for ideas on a snowstorm cocktail. She was amazed at the response and creativity. Read on.

Ms. S&C it has been suggested that I come up with a snowstorm cocktail. Ideas?
February 5 at 3:50pm

MB likes this.

RSB You have to include snow in the glass instead of ice.
February 5 at 4:06pm

JW It should contain milk and toilet paper.
February 5 at 4:07pm

ETD Oooh…intriguing. I like this already.
February 5 at 4:18pm

KKS Use snow around the rim of the glass!
February 5 at 4:58pm

BG Strong whiskey and ice!
February 5 4:59pm

WHW How about a snow cream martini?
February 5 at 5:17pm

NB Hot Chocolate! (with Booze) Sounds gross but maybe there’s a way to make it tasty.
February 5 at 5:31pm

SLC I like WHW’s idea for the name!
February 5 at 5:33pm

NDB A little powdered sugar might give you a fluffy “snowlike” effect.
February 5 at 5:37pm

CT bloody marys!
February 5 at 5:59pm

Ms. S&C The best I could come up with is sloestorm — already had sloe gin in the house. Terrible pun, I know.
February 5 at 10:18pm

JO’L something with milk!
February 5 at 10:39pm

GS coconut martini with a liberal sprinkling of sugared coconut on top… mmmmm….
February 5 at 11:20pm

JTM I would go in two directions… something with a frosted glass… vodka… with bits of rock candy or something… Or i would do something with this Godiva chocolat liquer i have or cream… let me know what you create!
February 6 at 12:42am

JP Think fresh snow, sweetened fruit syrup of your choice, more sugar, rum, and copious quantities. You can survive the storm.
February 6 at 8:19am

SS I agree with JW – definitely needs to include milk and TP. Maybe a white Russian in a martini glass with an empty roll of TP on the stem of the martini glass?
February 6 at 10:59am

JW Having spent all day shoveling, I’m changing my suggestion to the Drivewaytini: two belts of scotch and a prescription painkiller chaser.
February 6 at 9:39pm

An article in today’s Washington Post says that making snow cream couldn’t be simpler: mix together fresh snow, milk, (or cream, or condensed milk), sugar and vanilla. Add a creamy liqueur (your choice of Godiva White Chocolate, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or maybe something coffee flavored), top with a garnish of toasted coconut, and I think you’ve got a winning snow-inspired cocktail! One could also try the classic snowball cocktail, but I’m no fan of creme de menthe, nor the number of ingredients.

Ms. S&C wants to know: What do you drink when you’re “snowden?”

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It’s the Little Things

In Miss Mojito’s cocktail sipping and sampling, I’ve started to notice that it’s the details that make a difference between the good and the great. A frosted glass, perfectly crushed ice or a unique garnish can take a cocktail to that next level. Here are a few cocktail details that I’ve noticed and enjoyed of late.

Utensils, Please: On a recent weekend get-away to Staunton, I chose sangria as my drink of choice at  Zynadoa, an amazing eatery with a focus on the southern and the local. To accompany the sangria, the server gave me a darling and diminutive fork to fish out the juicy fruit left floating about in the glass. Perfect!

Salt AND Peppa: My favorite part of a cucumber martini I recently enjoyed was the topping on the glass rim, which received a quick dip in a bath of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. Salt is a standard accoutrement in cocktail mixing, but the extra touch of pepper made it super-special.

Keep the Champagne Flowing: I was delighted, while partaking in a pomegranate bellini, to receive the leftover champagne from the small split used to pour the glass. The drinker can control the sweetness level by topping of the bellini with a bit of the extra champagne.

Foamy Forecast : While sampling margaritas at the new Ventana restaurant in Charlottesville, my favorite part of the cocktail menu was the foam toppings. My margartia, for example, came crowned in a foam of tangerine, lending an extra flavor punch.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What are your favorite little details that take a cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary?

Super Bowl party planning

Ms. S&C is party planning for her annual Super Bowl party (it will be number eight). When party-planning for any occasion, it is important to pick a theme, or have a focus for the event. This year’s Super Bowl is in Miami, the city simultaneous with Cuban cuisine and Latino culture. Bobby Flay, the new monthly food columnist for Parade magazine, suggests using this as your party theme so you can cook items like adobo-seasoned chicken wings and Cuban sandwich crostinis. And mojitos would be perfect. You could also go the New Orleans, hurricane-fueled Mardi Gras, route. Gumbo, jambalaya, and po-boys all work as football food. And no other city has quite the same legendary cocktails.

The S&C’s are unapologetically hosting an one-sided
Super Bowl Party this year.

Both of these themes are likely better than the S&C’s Blue & White Party. But, the S&C family are Colts fans. Big time. And, we’re in the golden age of Colts football. Peyton Manning is arguably the best quarterback ever, and Bill Polian is a a genius of his own. So, we’ll rejoice in this. We’ll celebrate this. And this is how.

  • Theme – The Blue & White Party, for the Indianapolis Colts, whose team colors are blue and white.
  • Food – Traditional football fare will be served: pigs n’ blanket, spinach dip (with blue corn chips), and whatever else guests bring. The featured item will be chocolate cupcakes with white icing and blue horseshoes, special-made from Buzz Bakery.
  • Beverages – It’s not a party without punch. A version of our favorite sparkling punch will be made with blueberries, and we’ll have plenty of craft beer from Indiana (probably Three Floyds).
  • Entertainment – Aside from the game, we’ll have football squares, Super Bowl bingo, Colts player-position match game. Prizes will be awarded to winners (maybe another dinner with the S&C’s?).
  • Décor – Over the years, we’ve accumulated a collection of football-serving plates, glasses, and other Colts paraphernalia. We’ve also got a football piñata, and we’ll buy blue and white paper product items, balloons, and even streamers this year.
  • Wardrobe – Mr. S&C owns an Addai jersey. Ms. S&C has a number of apparel items ranging from an Alyssa Milano touch t-shirt to a vintage Baltimore Colts majorette vest. Team colors all the way.

No matter how much planning is involved, inevitably the success of the party is tied to the outcome of the game. Go Colts!

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