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S&C reader mail–sharing new shoes

Ms. S&C loves, loves, loves to get mail from readers. Here’s a recent note that brought a huge smile to my face.


Ms. S&C

This weekend in Baltimore with my mom I bought these shoes and they’re definitely an S&C-inspired purchase. I just wore them while folding the laundry and I’ve never looked so good doing chores. I jd-bootiesdefinitely can’t wear them to work- which I kind of love. They’re only for fun! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a high heel. I was figuring I’m not getting any younger and if I’m ever going to wear such crazy shoes, now is the time.

These aren’t the exact ones but they look like this except no side zip and plain black leather, not patent.

They haven’t been worn out of the house yet, and will only be viable for social occassions that aren’t likely to go all night or require being on feet the whole time. They’re definitely party shoes – guess I better throw a party soon!

Thanks for the inspiration!



Oh JD, thanks so much for sharing your latest footwear addition! And, if you’re not throwing a party soon, maybe the mister can take you out? Or, meet a few friends for cocktails? You and these shoes deserve a night on the town!

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My Latest Discoveries

Two recent finds in the worlds of both shoes and cocktails have Miss M all a flutter inside, and I was immediately eager to share them with the S&C readers.

While returning a belt to Anthropologie just last week, I came upon a stroke of luck: an Anthroanthro_maryjanes1pologie shoe sale! This is a rare event indeed. I’m a big fan of Anthro’s selection of footwear: it has a slightly vintage vibe, with unique picks that are difficult to find elsewhere. But the prices are far from palatable.

That’s why my heart sang when I spotted a small collection of shoes gathered under a beloved “Sale” sign. And it hit a high note when I met these peep-toe, blue and sliver suede t-strap pumps with a braid detail. Online, the originally $198 shoes are marked down to $99.95. But in-store, I snagged a pair in my size for $50! Oh joy, thy name is Lunar Puzzle Mary-Janes! So get yourself to the nearest Anthropolgie to take advantage of these crazy sales. My guess is that they’re most popular during the season-to-season transitions.

While Anthropologie is expanding my shoe arsenal, a new-to-me discovery is expanding my cocktail repertoire. I was excited to spy Q Tonic at my favorite local wine and cheese shop, River City Cellars. qtonic1Q Tonic is, according to their PR people anyway, “dedicated to making the world’s best tonic water.” Organic agave replaces sugar as their sweetener of choice.

I hope to conduct a tonic tasting this weekend and report back with a tonic-by-tonic comparison. In the meantime, I can’t wait to experiment with and adapt a few of the recipes found over at The Q-Cumber Fizz is at the top of my drinks-to-try list.

Q-Cumber Fizz
Developed for Q Tonic by bartender Jim Meehan. Serves one.

1.5 oz white tequila
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
A dollop of Light Agave Nectar (Sweet Cactus Farms Organic)
3 cucumber wheels (2 muddled, 1 garnish)
1 oz Q tonic

  • Add the agave nectar, lime, grapefruit juice and 2 cucumber slices to a mixing glass and muddle.
  • Add the tequila and shake and strain into a fizz glass.
  • Top with 1 oz Q tonic and garnish with a cucumber wheel on the rim of the glass.

Do you have any new discoveries that you just can’t keep to yourself? Do share with the S&C crowd!

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Catching up

Alright, so I know we’ve got A LOT of catching up to do on Top Chef. Our last recap/drink pairing was the holiday episode (!), so let’s review.


In episode seven, Toby Young, the hardass Brit, joined the judges’ gang and two cheftestants had to be eliminated. Immunity couldn’t have been more important this round. Radhika won the ultimate-sweet-treat-without-sugar Quickfire Challenge with her bread pudding. The Elimination Challenge allowed the chefs to cook whatever they wanted, because up ‘til now that haven’t been cooking anything great. Their dishes were served family style and they judged each other. Jamie won with her scallop dish and it was sweet redemption. Melissa and Eugene were sent home, and they’re already forgotten. Fabio, the mediocre but charming as hell chef, delivered another winner with “It is Top Chef, not top scallop,” when referring to Jamie’s dish. He makes us weak in the knees. And he knows it.


Episode eight brought back former Top Chef winner Hung for the Quickfire, and the cheftestants went down on the farm for the Elimination. Divided into teams of lamb, chicken and pork, the cheftestants used the fresh home-grown ingredients from Blue Hill Farm to make dinner. Carla, Jamie and Stefan, of Team Chicken, were the winners. Ariane was sent home and I was ticked. Leah is annoying. Even Tom Colicchio said in his blog, “The response to the elimination of Ariane was mammoth.”

The most recent episode was Restaurant Wars. The Quickfire started with a one dish tasting that represented each chef’s restaurant concept. Radhika and Leah were Stephen Starr‘s favorites so they were rewarded (or cursed) with being team leaders. Radhika chose Jamie, Carla and Jeff for her old spice trade style resto, Sahana. Leah chose Hosea, Fabio and was stuck with Stefan. Good lord, he is overbearing and arrogant – but, I also think he can cook. Not sure of the challenge count at this point, but I feel like he wins a lot, or is often in the top. Anyhoo, they delivered the Sunset Lounge as their Asian influenced resto.

Fast forward through romance drama between Leah and Hosea and Radhika’s weak leadership qualities. Sunset Lounge won by a hair and why? The Euro Duo. The charming and thoroughly self-aware Fabio was excellent in the front of the house, and the best dishes of the night were Stefan’s desserts.


To pair with Stefan’s orange chocolate parfait and the ginger and lemongrass panna cotta, I offer the first dessert wine I ever tried. And, it was on a first date. While in college in Williamsburg, Va, Mr. S&C snuck a bottle of Essensia into a movie theater for us to enjoy. Made from 100% orange muscat, the wine is sweet yet refreshing, with a nice accompaniment of orange blossom and apricot aromas.

Shoes and Cocktails wants to know: Who’s your favorite cheftestant? Or, who is your pick to win? Share a comment below.

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S&C diversion–more funny stuff

Advertising execs can’t get enough of the phenomenom beer-is-to-men-what-clothes/shoes-are-to-women. Last week, I shared the Goldstar Beer chart. Here’s a Heineken beer “freakout” ad that is sure to be a viral hit.  The video is in Dutch, which may make it that much more enjoyable. The language of beer is universal.

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Winter White at the Inauguration

Michelle Obama and Mary J. Blige seemed to be of a similar mind in their selection of winter white ensembles foobamar the inaugural events. Mary J. paired those aforementioned astounding python boots with a creamy, big-buttoned coat and matching scarf, while the First Lady picked a simply stunning one-shoulder white Jason Wu number with some sort of tufted/pleated/floral detailing.

As far as footwear goes, though, white can be a bit more of a treacherous zone. It might bring up harsh memories of the creamy pumps you wore to your eighth grade graduation. Or the snazzy white loafers that Clark W. Griswald pulls out in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Or your brief stint as a go-go dancer. But I say throw those worries to the wind—especially here in my part of Virginia. In the absence of a blizzard, snow storm or even a flurry, I’m more than happy to turn to sources other than the sky to get my fix of a winter wonderland.boots1

I love the architectural-style detailing and the rounded toe of this “vintage white” pair by Seychelles.

And these pumps from Pour pumps1la Victoire over on pair a lovely creamy upper with a shapely black heel.

Mrs. Obama’s lengthy dress prevents any peek of her footwear pick, so I can’t help but speculate. Now, the First Lady tends to shy away from any shoe higher than achristianlouboutin kitten heel. But this is a special occasion, and a special occasion calls for a statement shoe. These Christian Louboutins fit the bill and would complete the wintry look – but I’m undecided. Are they too busy for the gown? Is the 4.5-inch heel unreasonable for a full night of dancing? What would you pick to pair with the inaugural dress?

Such snow-inspired picks almost make me excited for the remaining cold days of winter. . . almost.

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We are one, indeed

What do the stars wear when they come to Washington, DC, to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama?  Apparenty, wet leggings and Christian Louboutins are the hot items.  The shiny “wet” leggings look was practically designed for concert garb.  Beyonce and Shakira rocked them at HBO’s “We Are One” show at the Lincoln Memorial.  And, we could spot that signature red sole anywhere – Shakira and Mary J. Blige touted their Christian Louboutin boots while on stage.  Oprah’s a Louboutin fan too because she wore them during her Monday show at the Kennedy Center.  Though I can’t find a pic, trust me, it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her in a pair.  I don’t think we’ll see the First Lady in either, but I know she won’t disappoint.




P.S. Shoes and Cocktails wants to know:  If you went to an inaugural ball, we’d love to hear from you!  What did you wear?  What did you drink?  What did other people wear?  What did other people drink?  Details, please.

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Killing the blues

I’ve said it before, woman cannot live on shoes alone.  This fact was made clearly evident when I ran across these silk rose covered clutches at Boden.  And pairing this gorgeous bag with these patent trimmed peep-toe slingbacks, and maybe this bow coat?  It is a positively swoon-worthy look.  Enough to kill my winter blues. Spring, where are you?





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