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Sequins, Glitter & Bob Mackie

Thank goodness for Christina Aguilera – as the client and guest judge for last week’s Project Runway episode, she inspired plenty of creativity in the PR contestants in the form of sequins, feathers and fun. And with designer Bob Mackie on board as a guest judge, we knew we were in for a runway that would be anything but boring.

  • I must admit that I’m happy to see Shirin go. Her whiny ways seemed to get on everybody’s nerves, and her Halloween-inspired costume for Christina received a big thumbs-down.
  • CHRISTOPHER – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Hot pants? Bustier? No, thank you!
  • Althea was a hit with her grey sequined gown, but the huge feathered shrug she paired with the lovely dress ruined the look for me.
  • My favorite pick won top honors. Carol Hannah’s gown–a black floor-length number with tons of feathers and texture–was a stunner.
  • While Carol Hannah won with a beautiful design, Nina Garcia truly stole the show. Did anyone catch a glimpse of that enormous turquoise necklace she was wearing? Too fun!


These feathered sandles from Gwen Stefani’s line, L.A.M.B., hit the nail on the head with their sequin-feather combo, and I think they’d make a terrific shoe pairing for Carol Hannah’s fun and fanciful design.

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Want but can’t have

For instance, these tie-dyed “Rita” pumps by Bettye Mueller, with a price tag of $375.00. Her “Sunny” cork wedges are pretty awesome too, but at the same want-but-can’t-have price. Both are available at simplysoles, who happens to be hosting a meet and greet/trunk show with the designer at their DC boutique today.

bettye-muller-tie-dyeMs. S&C wants to know: What do you want but can’t have? Share your desires below.

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One day you’re in

We bring the fifth season of Project Runway to a close, as Leanimal is crowned champion.  Regretfully, we admit that we were underwhelmed by the finale.  Our first bone to pick – why do they insist on making us watch the model audition?  While certain models may give designers an advantage, the models do not speak.  We don’t get to know them, nor do we want to.  They are b-o-r-i-n-g.  And secondly, why was Tim Gunn the special guest judge?  J Lo bailed because of a mysterious foot injury.  Um, okay.  How exactly is sitting in a chair, looking at, and talking about clothes too strenuous on her foot?  So, Project Runway’s replacement was Tim Gunn.  Tim Gunn, really?  Yes, we love Tim Gunn.  Everyone loves Tim Gunn.  He is adorable and caring and sensitive – but, really?  PR couldn’t find anyone else?  (The conspiracy theorist in us thinks this is further evidence that Bravo is trying to sabotage the future of PR, since it is moving to Lifetime.) Whatevs. Let’s get to the shoe pairing.

Believe it or not, we’ve gone the whole season without pairing any Manolos with the winning designs.  Given that Mr. Blahnik is an extraordinary craftsman and he continues, with his own hands, to perfect every design and prototype of every shoe that bears his name, he is our footwear designer of choice this week.

Leanne’s collection – Everyone else seems to call those sculptural elements “petals,” but we call them “waves,” given her designs were inspired by water and movement and all.  Her collection is highly original and très elegant, but we wish it wasn’t so “controlled,” if that makes sense.  And, we would have liked a few more color variations.  Nevertheless, we adore these stunning “Preppi” ankle strap sandals with this outfit.  Check out the alternate view on Barney’s website to see the print on the back.  They rock.

Kenley’s collection – She surprised us.  And, we surprised ourselves because we liked her designs the best.  The “copycat” accusation reared its ugly head again, but we loved all of the whimsical designs and colors; we even like the rope trim!  We’ve paired these “Sedaraby” heels with the fun, full tulle skirt, but they would be an excellent match with a few other outfits as well.

Korto’s collection – We love Korto more than we loved her designs.  We so appreciate that she knows how to dress different body types, and we love that she infuses her heritage in her designs.  But overall, we thought her collection lacked the glamour present in the other designers’ collections.  We like glamour.  A lot of her dresses had a playful quality, and we like the strappy, metallic “Spart” with this one.

While we weren’t wowed by this season, we’re an optimistic bunch over here at S&C.  Season 6 is currently in production, rumored to split time between NYC and LA, and has promised some very A-list celebrities as guest judges.  We’ll stay tuned.

All grown up

Last week’s Project Runway episode challenged the designers to help makeover recent college graduates and get them ready for the working world. Jerell strung together another win, making it two in a row, Suede lives for another week, and Kenley is going to need some larger hair pieces because her head gets bigger every week. Meow.

Let’s get right down to business. Our choice for the shoe pairing is J.Crew. It feels collegiate, and the fall collection is fabulous.

Jerell is meddling with our hope for an all female finale, but we like his geek-to-chic transformation. The high-waisted pencil skirt, satin top, and long cardigan are a great look. To break up the solid prints, let’s pair it with a glossy animal print. And, I’ll take the whole outfit for my own fall wardrobe, thank you.

Kenley initially dissed Tim’s suggestion that she remove some of the excess tulle at the bottom of her mini-me look. Recognizing that you do not diss Tim Gunn, she went ahead and changed it. It may be a little matchy-matchy, but we’re going with these modernized Mary Jane heels, to compliment the pale pink belt.

Korto – we love Korto. She minds her own business, and cranks out good designs every week. This outfit is not our favorite of hers, but we’ve paired it with one of our favorite pumps. We love the contrast of the wood heel with the shiny patent leather, and think it pairs nicely with the natural-looking fabric of the blazer. And, check out all the fun colors!

We have high hopes for the next episode where LL Cool J is a guest judge — woo hoo!

No end in sight

Our love affair with fantastic prints is showing no signs of letting up. Especially when we get emails from fave neighborhood boutique, The Shoe Hive, alerting us to new arrivals from Tibi’s fall collection. The bold graphic print, the patent leather heel — all I can think is — I.must.have.these.

Love story

Oh la la. More exotic prints. More colors. More fabrics. More textures. More, more, more.

These heels are Missoni, a company famous for its unique knitwear. Founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953, after a romance that began at the 1948 Olympics in London. Rosita was studying there and decided to take in some track and field events. Ottavio was a hurdles runner who also happened to design his team’s track uniforms. Fast forward to now – and a great selection of their patterned footwear over at Zappos. Keep a watchful eye because you can find these same multicolor pumps for less at one of my neighborhood boutiques, The Shoe Hive.

Another great thing about multicolor prints – they pretty much go with everything. Kind-of like champagne. I’m in love too.

Animal instinct

The latest Project Runway episode challenged the designers to dress Brooke Shields for her role in the TV show, Lipstick Jungle. I’ve never watched the show, but I kinda wanted to roll my eyes (again) at the shameless NBC cross-marketing machine. But, it turns out, I like Brooke Shields. She came off warm, down-to-earth, and I think I want to be friends with her. The designers, on the other hand, are ego-maniacs!

Despite their inflated opinions of themselves, there were some good designs. Korto does it again, along with partner Joe, on her ethnic-bohemian getup. Unfortunately, the dress couldn’t carry itself alone. Unless paired with some funky animal print shoes, like these from Dolce & Gabanna? Roar. I so wanted to pair the dress with the Christian Louboutin leopard haircalf platforms, but I resisted.

While I really like Jerrell’s use of textures, I wish I could take this outfit down a notch. I think Tim calls it “using your editing eye?” Get rid of the over-sized bag, sunglasses, and tone down that zebra-gold-trimmed belt (keep the zebra, save the gold accents for the shoes). The shoes in the gallery photo work, but I’d also consider these Tory Burch crocodile embossed slingbacks. Love the stacked heel and soft, patent leather peep-toe.

Finally, the winning design. I would love Keith and Kenley’s creation for myself. The layered, high-waisted skirt and flowy, floral top — I’m a big fan. I’d get rid of the scarf, and maybe all the dark accessories. That way, I can pop into my own pink Ferragamos.

Shoes and Cocktails would love to hear what you think about the designs, shoe pairings, and of course, what to drink! I think I see a martini in our future.

Femme fatale

We all need something to aspire to. This Christian Louboutin python print is wicked cool. And wicked expensive. Sigh. S&C knows we have been heavy on the CL lately. We’re moving on. Grab the Perrier-Jouët.