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Three quick things: how to be cool

Let’s use these quick things as a lesson on how to be cool.

(1) Garance Doré’s Blog

What does the picture on the left tell us about how to be cool?

  • Learn to wink
  • Start smoking (or maybe just start carrying around a long, skinny cigarette?)
  • Wear a trench over the shoulders
  • Read more of Garance’s blog

(2) Anthropologie Dresses

Polka dots are always cool, right? We think so — especially when in flowy maxi dress form. (And speaking of fabulous Spring dresses, how does one choose between the twisted stripe dress, the pom flower shift, and the imprint fossil maxi skirt?)

(3) Beer Floats

Ms. S&C has determined that using beer in a non-traditional manner — say in cocktails and desserts — is now a very cool thing to do. (PS: Brasserie Beck’s beer float — a Kasteel Rouge, with hints of cherry, topped with honey cinnamon ice cream — is t-a-s-t-y. PPS: She also thought beer floats were cool last year when she made one herself.)

Because we all want to be cool.

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Summer Fun with S&C

With the end of summer in sight, I’m feeling more than a little motivated to make the most of these last hot days of August. That means spending as much spare time as possible poolside, indulging in sunset cocktails, planning picnics with friends and fun, warm-weather weekend trips.

How does this translate to the world of Shoes & Cocktails? I can’t think of a better way to get more fun out of summer than with Todd Thrasher’s Bomb Pops, a youthful treat with an adult twist. These fruity, layered popsicles pack tequila, vodka and rum into each pop. I forecast these being the perfect weekend sweet treat!

(Exciting Side Note: Miss Mojito will take her first-ever trip to Restaurant Eve’s Tasting Room this weekend to taste Mr. Thrasher’s cocktails and Chef Cathal Armstrong’s cuisine in person! Rarely have I been this excited for a meal.)

On the shoe front, I’m feeling seriously tempted to indulge in some most excellent summer sandal clearance, and Piperlime is just the place to do it. I’ve been eyeing these seriously chunky, slightly ridiculous and delightfully curvaceous Naughty Monkey sandals for ages now. And at almost 50 percent off, they’re starting to creep into my price range. Plus, they might translate well into the early days of fall.

Long live summer!

Miss Mojito wants to know: In what end-of-summer indulgences are you partaking?

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Beer float

It is a pretty simple formula: Beer + Ice Cream = My new favorite dessert.

Ms. S&C isn’t a fan of root beer, but given the amount of craft beer consumed in her household, she can’t believe she hasn’t tried this dessert cocktail before. Her stout beers of choice for this heady concoction include: Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and Williamsburg Alewerk’s Coffeehouse Stout. Both beers are strong with roasted malt and well-suited for coffee flavored ice cream (or gelato!).

Stout & Ice Cream Float

  • Split a bottle of stout beer among two glasses
  • Add 1/2 cup coffee ice cream to each glass

Want another variation on the traditional root beer float? Try Bobby Flay’s adult version with bourbon.

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At the bar where Mr. and Mrs. S&C worked while in college, we came across the word “snowden” etched in one of the wood tables. We had fun discussing (and still do) whether the table defacer was referencing a literal “snow den,” giving a literary nod to the character Snowden from Catch-22,  or my personal fave — phonetically spelling “snowed in.”

As DC’s snowmageddon approached (and the second one now in full force), Ms. S&C reached out to her Facebook friends for ideas on a snowstorm cocktail. She was amazed at the response and creativity. Read on.

Ms. S&C it has been suggested that I come up with a snowstorm cocktail. Ideas?
February 5 at 3:50pm

MB likes this.

RSB You have to include snow in the glass instead of ice.
February 5 at 4:06pm

JW It should contain milk and toilet paper.
February 5 at 4:07pm

ETD Oooh…intriguing. I like this already.
February 5 at 4:18pm

KKS Use snow around the rim of the glass!
February 5 at 4:58pm

BG Strong whiskey and ice!
February 5 4:59pm

WHW How about a snow cream martini?
February 5 at 5:17pm

NB Hot Chocolate! (with Booze) Sounds gross but maybe there’s a way to make it tasty.
February 5 at 5:31pm

SLC I like WHW’s idea for the name!
February 5 at 5:33pm

NDB A little powdered sugar might give you a fluffy “snowlike” effect.
February 5 at 5:37pm

CT bloody marys!
February 5 at 5:59pm

Ms. S&C The best I could come up with is sloestorm — already had sloe gin in the house. Terrible pun, I know.
February 5 at 10:18pm

JO’L something with milk!
February 5 at 10:39pm

GS coconut martini with a liberal sprinkling of sugared coconut on top… mmmmm….
February 5 at 11:20pm

JTM I would go in two directions… something with a frosted glass… vodka… with bits of rock candy or something… Or i would do something with this Godiva chocolat liquer i have or cream… let me know what you create!
February 6 at 12:42am

JP Think fresh snow, sweetened fruit syrup of your choice, more sugar, rum, and copious quantities. You can survive the storm.
February 6 at 8:19am

SS I agree with JW – definitely needs to include milk and TP. Maybe a white Russian in a martini glass with an empty roll of TP on the stem of the martini glass?
February 6 at 10:59am

JW Having spent all day shoveling, I’m changing my suggestion to the Drivewaytini: two belts of scotch and a prescription painkiller chaser.
February 6 at 9:39pm

An article in today’s Washington Post says that making snow cream couldn’t be simpler: mix together fresh snow, milk, (or cream, or condensed milk), sugar and vanilla. Add a creamy liqueur (your choice of Godiva White Chocolate, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or maybe something coffee flavored), top with a garnish of toasted coconut, and I think you’ve got a winning snow-inspired cocktail! One could also try the classic snowball cocktail, but I’m no fan of creme de menthe, nor the number of ingredients.

Ms. S&C wants to know: What do you drink when you’re “snowden?”

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