Cool as a cucumber

The Drink: Pimm’s Cup

My friend, LC, is an inspiration in so many ways, but her latest contribution to making my life my enjoyable was introducing me to the drink Pimm’s Cup. This British-bred concoction is fresh and tasty, and definitely an old-school classic. Made with an obscure liqueur, with a flavor similar to a spiced gin, this drink is perfect for an occasion when you’d like something to take the edge off, but you don’t want to get hammered. That’s why it rules the leisurely brunch scene and is a staple at Wimbledon. It looks like iced tea, so it’s a natural thirst-quencher and a perfect match for outdoor activities.

The Occasion:

While I’m likely not heading to Wimbledon next year, and horse-racing season is over, there’s still a time and place for Pimm’s Cup. Hosting a brunch? Playing lawn games? Or, how about – the sun’s out, I don’t have any plans, let’s call some friends, sit out on the patio and play cards?

The Shoes: Wedges

These shoes speak outdoors. I’m a big fan of heels, but you don’t want heels sinking into the lawn. And, heels can sometimes come off a little severe with a summer dress or the ultimate summer fabric, linen. Wedges provide comfort and stability whether you’re headed to Gold Cup, playing croquet, or if you’re like me and just want a light cocktail in the afternoon.

The Ingredients/Recipe:

Fill cocktail glass with ice

Mix 1 part Pimm’s Cup No. 1 with 2 parts seltzer (preferably lemon or lime)

Stir lightly

Garnish with cucumber and lemon


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13 responses to “Cool as a cucumber

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    Thank you for reading!

  2. so speaking of wedges, will you please review my recent wedge purchase?? I need guidance.
    it is the wedge – it shows only in black suede on this link, but mine are a jaw-dropping gorgeous red. i will try to find a link with the proper color…

  3. shoescocktails

    while shoesandcocktails does not recommend that you wear these breath-taking wedges for croquet or on the lawn at all, they are in fact perfect and yes, jaw-dropping in red. you better pair these with a little black dress, and grab a glass of champagne because Gucci deserves nothing less.

  4. shoescocktails

    upon further reflection, shoesandcocktails thinks she was a little conservative with her suggestion for the Gucci-wedge-wearer. Want to take a risk? Pair those ruby reds with pale pink. Don’t get all Valentine’s-Day-overboard with just those two shades, but don’t be afraid of color! The great thing about red is it looks good with brown too.

  5. I am loving pimms here this summer. Also you should totally come to wimbleton next year we can drink pimms and watch the lesser games so we don’t have to pay as much.
    I have to say – they serve it here by the pitcher and after a few pitchers that stuff really gets to you.

  6. I love me some wedges. Year round! They are definitely more comfortable than heels which is key for me.

    My hooker shoes (yellow wedges with glass wedge) got quite a few looks last night. Think you need to pair a drink with those. Something very colorful maybe!

  7. at the lake this year, i’ll be pairing campari and leather sandals.

  8. try Pimms mixed with lemonade and 7Up – so good!

  9. shoesandcocktails

    LC, shoesandcocktails will be contacting you to set-up a time to model those “hooker shoes.” Yellow shoes are tres popular this season and deserve a mention.

    Josh, your campari comment couldn’t be better timed. Stay tuned!

    And, the lemonade and 7-Up idea sounds like a winner. Shoesandcocktails typically adds extra lemon to most things. And, I bet the 7-Up helps balance it all out.

  10. Like a Pimm’s Cup? Try Pimms Royale. It shares the same history as the Pimm’s Cup drawing it’s spirit, literally and figuratively from James Pimm’s London oyster bar, however instead of lemonade and soda water replace with the champagne of your choice. 3/4 oz. Pimm’s No. 1, Champagne and a twist of lemon. Pour Pimm’s in a champagne glass add champagne and garnish with the twist.

  11. shoescocktails

    madhatters, you’re after my heart!

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