Nibbling away

Because S&C cares about shoes, she cares about feet.  I’m personally overdue for a pedicure, and I know that if I’m hopping into those Gisella sandals soon, these puppies need some work.  A friend passed on WUSA9’s segment about an unorthodox pedicure method that is all the rage.  Yvonne’s Hair Salon in Alexandria, VA, offers the same flesh-eating fish pedicure as seen on Ugly Betty (episode where Wilhelmina discovers that Daniel Mead’s father finds soft feet irresistible and she goes to the extreme).  Anyway, these tiny but hungry Garra Rufa, or “Doctor Fish,” eat the dead skin off your feet in about a half hour, leaving them silky smooth.



The Telegraph in the UK also reported the story, indicating that these toothless fish nibble away at dead skin but leave healthy flesh untouched.  And, advocates say it is a natural alternative to using the potentially unsanitary razors, clipper or pumice stone.

Shoes & Cocktails wants to know: natural, or going too far?


8 responses to “Nibbling away

  1. proper cocktail for a fish pedi? i say something savory – either vodka martini with three pearl onions or a bloody mary.

  2. how much does it cost? i would DEFINITELY try this out with you– too intruiging to pass up. cocktails optional.

  3. I would probably need several cocktails first, just enough to numb me.

  4. I’m with Julie…I am not sure this is not too far! But I agree it should be accompanied by a savory cocktail.

  5. i’d let the little buggers go at them…. but i agree that a cocktail in hand will go a long way to convince me that the experience is entirely normal – and not punishing the fish!

  6. Amazing! The sanding of feet is so horrible that anything is better. I wonder if it also tickles? Do they change the tanks between feet? Also seems a little sketchy.

  7. I’d be afraid of stepping on the fish!

  8. Have you tried this? We dont have this in Boston.

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