Dry the rain

I am so coveting Tory Burch’s Winnie rain boot. Her whole fall collection is great (an interesting combo of bohemian chic and European riding wear). Made of rubber, with the brand signature in bright yellow at top — these sleek and stylish boots would sure brighten my rainy days, especially those that have me sloshing to and from the metro.

2 responses to “Dry the rain

  1. This collection is very cute, but way above the price range I am willing to go for. A cardigan for 250? while cute – even with converting to p0unds it is too much.

  2. shoesandcocktails

    I hear ya sista. While I like her style, I think only a few pieces are worth the $$$. And you really need to see some of them in person, because I’m not always convinced of the quality. That being said, I have a navy TB tote that I use everyday for work, and I love it. I would buy another.

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