S&C alerts–celeb spirits and shoes

Here’s our celebrity edition of shoes and cocktails news.

Spirits & Cocktails – I’ve got a bone to pick with Jason Wilson, Spirits columnist over at the Washington Post. When given the opportunity to reference “Gin & Juice,” Danny Devito drunk on limoncello, a teetotaling Donald Trump, and a drink called “Crunk Juice,” have some fun with it for crying out loud.

Yes, I agree that celebrities can endorse, design, and inspire some ridiculous sh#@. And, there is probably no chance in hell I’ll try Donald Trump’s vodka, or Snoop’s cognac (I just don’t like cognac all that much). But, I would consider Sammy Hagar’s tequila and Marilyn Manson’s absinthe. And, I won’t apologize for thinking those “Sex and the City” cocktails would actually taste good. Except maybe “The Charlotte” (who coincidentally is my least favorite SATC character). I’ve made similar variations of these drinks, and Campari and pomegranate juice is good.

Anyway Jason, don’t be such a buzz kill. And, when you’ve mastered your “palatable, sophisticated version of Crunk Juice,” let us know. In the meantime, friends, you can try out this version, courtesy of Drinkmixer.com.

Crunk Juice

8 oz can Red Bull energy drink
1 1/2 oz Hennessy cognac

Pour both ingredients into a cup or glass, stir slightly, and serve.

Shoes – It will come as no surprise that celebrities are shoe designers too. Kayne West revealed to Women’s Wear Daily in July that he plans to work with Louis Vuitton on a line of men’s shoes. They probably would have gone well with Cristal, until the company decided it was too good for hip-hop’s business. In other shoes, Miss Jessica Simpson has gotten some respect from Footwear News, for her line of shoes. Though awfully, awfully trendy, there are a few good finds, like these polka dots pumps sold at Zappos.

4 responses to “S&C alerts–celeb spirits and shoes

  1. Cabo Wabo (Sammy’s tequila) is surprisingly awesome. Wish I could say the same for the crap-tacular Tres Agaves restaurant he opened here in SF.

    I can’t bear to try the Mansinthe, but reports are all over the map. Some people I trust say it’s great, though I distinctly recall reports of it tasting like sewage. Hmmm..

  2. shoesandcocktails

    Married…with Dinner knows their stuff. I just checked their Drinks of the Week (DOTW), and they are awesome. Pictures are incredible too. I’ve been to this blog before — husband is in to meat, I think? They have been added to the blogroll, for folks to check out.

  3. these are so gorgeous

  4. Update: Ms. S&C is posting a correction. This statement is no longer true: “…there is probably no chance in hell I’ll try Donald Trump’s vodka, or Snoop’s cognac (I just don’t like cognac all that much). ”

    After having tried a fabulous Ritz cocktail and several side cars (both made with cognac), she has changed her mind about said spirit, but not Donald Trump’s vodka.

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