This economic crisis is making everyone more budget conscious, including Shoes & Cocktails.  While we were totally coveting those riding boots we shared from Anthropologie, and we were pining for the Tory Burch Jackson boots, we couldn’t justify the extravagant purchases.  Gone are the days of gleeful over-spending!  But, that doesn’t mean we won’t shop at all.  We’ve exercised prudence and settled on these very cool Mossimo boots from Target, at a jaw-dropping price of $35!

4 responses to “Wallet-friendly

  1. Check out this week’s US weekly- they highlighted a few other waller friendly shoes you might like

  2. I want these. Bad. Do I have to wear them with skinny jeans? Skinny jeans are not my best look. Advise, please

  3. Ms. K, you can wear the boots with skirts and/or dresses. If you do have form-fitting jeans, they would look so great with a long sweater. And, did I mention they come in brown?

  4. These are sold out and I’ve wanted them since last year! Can I still find them anywhere?

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