Under the weather

Ms. S&C has not adjusted well to the bitter cold climate afflicting the Washington, DC area.  Thus, she has been moaning and groaning (and sniffling) her way through this week.  She has not had a cocktail in several days.  Instead, she’s consumed buckets and buckets of hot tea.  And, her only thought of shoes has been what can carry her from point A to point B with as little effort as possible.

But, she’s a glass half full kind-of a girl, so things are looking up.  She’s got a new episode of Top Chef and some black patent leather boots on the horizon.  And yes, she’s broken out those leg warmers, kids.

2 responses to “Under the weather

  1. legwarmers? can’t wait to see them. House of sick peeps over here too. CA and angus both!

  2. Yes! I picked up some black ones at H&M. I’ve worn them over black tights (but also taken them off when I get to work). Its hard to wear skirts and dresses in this weather!

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