Change is afoot

Shoes & Cocktails is so excited to announce that we have a new contributor to the blog!  Miss Mojito, or Miss M for short, will be joining the S&C enterprise as a regular blogger.

Ms. S&C has been considering changing things up and adding a fresh new perspective.  And, Miss Mojito is a perfect addition.  She is the younger sister of a dear friend, and she has the same funky, yet classy, personal style.  A few years ago when Ms. S&C was visiting Charlottesville, VA, and ran into Miss M, she was wearing an adorable pair of red cowboy boots, and recommended that we try a French 75 on the Downtown Mall (or, maybe it was a French 76–I hope I’m remembering this correctly).  Regardless, she was way ahead of the latest trends even then.

Miss Mojito currently lives and works in the Richmond, VA, area.  Her hobbies include writing, playing with her kitchen appliances, sampling new food and drinks, and dreaming of accessories.  Her favorite footwear trends include gem tones, sculptural shapes, boots, boots, and more boots (be still my heart!).  And as you might guess, Miss Mojito lives and breathes for that delightful Cuban cocktail from which she borrows her name.

Please join us in welcoming Miss Mojito!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

5 responses to “Change is afoot

  1. So excited about the new addition!

  2. yay! welcome aboard.

  3. Welcome Ms. M! Excited for more S&C posts. Can’t get enough of the blog!

  4. Thanks for the welcome, Ms. S&C. And you’re right, it was the French 75, a delectable champagne cocktail about which I might just have to blog in the near future!

  5. Welcome to the blogging mix! I love it.

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