Another cocktail news alert

We continue to be impressed by our local Washington, DC, area publications, who seem to frequently cover our favorite topics.

On Thursday, February 26, The Washingtonian hosted an online discussion with four notable local bartenders, who will be featured in their March issue. The bartenders chatted about the spirits du jour, the history of cocktails, the craft and technique behind a well-made drink, and much more. The Washingtonian asked for questions in advance and one of Ms. S&C’s made the cut.


Question from Alexandria, VA:

Saw the Sazerac all over cocktail menus during the winter. What cocktails can we look forward to in the spring/summer?


Gina Chersevani: Rickeys.

Chantal Tseng: Pimm’s Cups.

Derek Brown: Return of the Rickey.

Chantal Tseng: Definitely the Rickey. More Punch?

Gina Chersevani: Juleps.

Derek Brown: I think the Champs-Elysees might be making it on a few cocktail menus.

Gina Chersevani: Punch definitely!

Derek Brown: I just had a vision yesterday as I made one.

Chantal Tseng: Right. It would be nice to see more juleps. Alas, crushed ice is key though.

Derek Brown: Tom Collins made with fresh juice.

Gina Chersevani: I heart Tom Collins! Crushed ice is key to a julep,but a little prep solves that problem.

Chantal Tseng: More cachaca drinks. More pisco drinks. Maybe a mini-tiki summer?

Derek Brown: Yeah, Tiki drinks! Definitely more Pisco drinks.

Gina Chersevani: Have you had Cuca Fresca Aged Cachaca??? It’s pretty good!

Chantal Tseng: Need to find some fun mugs and bowls.

Derek Brown: This is going to be Pisco summer.

Chantal Tseng: Pisco Punch? With pineapples and fresh lemon.

Gina Chersevani: At PS 7’s there is a cheeky tiki on the tasting menu that is available at the bar for a pairing, but shhh, it’s a secret.

Chantal Tseng: He he. No worries, it shall not be i that will blow your cover.

Derek Brown: Yellow Chartreuse is the old, new “it” mixer ingredient.


Holy cow, I’m excited. Pimm’s, punch, rickeys, Tom Collins, and the importance of crushed ice — yes, please! Plus, I just picked up a bottle of Pisco, as a result of Miss M’s sipping sours. The S&C team are ready for warm weather cocktails. Bring ’em on.

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2 responses to “Another cocktail news alert

  1. I’m so excited about the crushed ice news! I’m also intrigued by “more cachaca drinks” – I wonder if there might be some variations on the cachaca that we might have to investigate.

  2. Chantal Tseng is one of the most talented & friendly bartender’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She fixed plenty of quality cocktails for an event at the Tabard Inn in January and they were all fantastic!

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