Green with envy

Forget the parades, shamrocks, and leprechauns for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. There are green shoes to be worn! And the variety is incredible — floral, t-strap, patent, snakeskin, flats, platforms, sneakers and rainboots. The strappy sandals are my personal faves. They are flirty and fun, and I can see them having a place in my spring wardrobe long after the Irish festivities are over. Quick reader quiz — who can spot the $1,000 pair and which are eco-friendly? Share your guess in the comments section.









As far as imbibing on this occasion, beer is traditionally the favorite. And, like shoes, there are more choices than you think.

1. Irish beer, such as Guinness or Harp

St. Patrick’s Day is the only day of the year when I’m tempted to drink a Guinness or a Harp or both. I like the half-and-half combo which yields a Black & Tan.

2. Green beer, as in beer that is the color green

Green beer, even on St. Patty’s Day, doesn’t really appeal to me, but I thoroughly enjoy that others consume it. In the event you ever want to mix up your own batch, Mix That Drink outlines, step-by-step, how to make this concoction.

3. Green beer, as in beer that is eco-friendlygreen-beer

Drinking beer is good for you and the environment. Well, not exactly. But it still sounds like a cause that many of us can get behind. The Sierra Club has a few recommendations for beers made by companies who are working to lighten their carbon footprint–Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewery are included. This way you can drink green beer today and any other day.


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5 responses to “Green with envy

  1. If you want something other than green beer today–Daily Candy shared Bourbon mixologist/bartender Owen Thomson’s Irish Knight cocktail. Ingredients include: Irish whiskey, green chartreuse, Cointreau, lemon juice, celery bitters, egg white and basil leaf. Yay for aromatics!

  2. LOve this post — the shoes are too fun!

  3. mssss S&C, this is my fave post ever! I have some coupons to DSW – I might have to find some green strappy sandals of my own!

  4. My guess for the $1,000 pair is the platform sandal in the top left corner. For eco-friendly, I’m guessing row three in the middle with the ankle strap and the navy bow. Am I close??

  5. You’re exactly right, Miss M! I cannot believe those Lanvin platform sandals are over $1,000.

    And all the shoes on row three are over at, which specializes in active, comfortable, healthy, earth-friendly products. Not sure all their brands are 100% eco-friendly, but the co. was first in the industry to launch a “CarbonFree Plus” shipping alternative and they have partnered with several of their brands to donate 1% for the planet through an organization called 1% for the Planet.

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