The men’s department

Our closets, nor our back accounts, can handle more than one clotheshorse in the family, but Ms. S&C can count the number of shoes Mr. S&C owns on one hand. She thinks it is time that he freshen up his wardrobe a bit. And, of course, she is here to help! Here are some early footwear picks that she wishes he would go for.


These leather driving mocs with contrast stitching are fairly understated, and look comfy, no? A good fit because Mr. S&C is also understated (in the best possible sense), and he sometimes has an aversion to laces.


These boots, (I guess you would call them boots), are a little bit hipster and a little bit rugged. Not sure Mr. S&C would like to be described that way, but I think they are pretty awesome. sperry-slip-on

I love these timeless patchwork plaid slip-ons. But, I’m also a total sucker for infusing nautical preppiness every now and again. Mr. S&C, remember we’ve got a beach trip coming up — and again, no laces!


Tassel mocs are making a comeback says Footwear News. But Mr. S&C doesn’t don a three piece suit and cuff links too often, but if he did…

I’m not going to transform Mr. S&C’s footwear selection overnight. But, there’s one thing I know he won’t pass up — scotch and soda. I guess he prefers his cocktails like he prefers his shoes, sans embellishments.  He imbibes a variety of blended Scotch whiskeys, but recently he has become a friend of Johnnie Walker Black. Also a friend of Winston Churchill, coincidentally.

Scotch & Soda

  • Fill cocktail glass with ice
  • Pour in 2 ounces of blended scotch
  • Top with club soda
  • Garnish with a twist of lemon

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3 responses to “The men’s department

  1. I love those hipster boots! MGC should definitely pick up a pair.

    We love the scotch over at 143 Lynhaven. Coincidentially we just finished up a bottle of JWRed. The rate at which it goes down in our life we don’t imbibe in the Black all that often. I’m shocked at how easy scotch goes down.

    We peformed a very scientific scotch tasting over Christmas based on this WSJ article. The group was split 50/50, but the women preferred the Teacher’s and the men the Ballantine’s.

    Thanks for reminding me to pick up some scotch on the way home tonight!

  2. I am so glad to hear your menswear recommendations– where are the hipster boots from? Won’t our men look dashing at the next supper club in matching shoes?

  3. The hipster boots (and the driving mocs) are both from J. Crew. Hyperlinks to the J.Crew site have been problematic as of late. Seems like a problem they should want to fix, no? Are you listening J.Crew?

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