New Acquisitions, New Outlook

Miss Mojito has reason to celebrate. For months, she’s been pining after two things: a pair of nude platform pumps and a new digital camera. Well, within the past week I’ve acquired both, and am too eager to show them off!

For the camera, I took my sister’s recommendation and went with a Canon Digital Elph (SD1200 IS). It’s super-compact (almost too compact in Miss Mojito’s opinion – it’s definitely bound to get lost in this season’s roomy hobo bags and oversized clutches), pretty speedy and seems to be fairly idiot-proof. I’m something of a clutz when it comes to photography, but so far I haven’t been able to mess up a test shot. Miss Mojito promises her future posts to be photo-full!

I’ve put the camera to the test to photograph that latest, greatest addition to my shoe shelves. Ms. S&C highlighted neutral-colored pumps in a post a few months back. The nude pump is a wardrobe staple that Miss Mojito has gone far too long without. It’s a “new” neutral, it elongates the leg, it can go with anything. And the platform seems to be the way to go – as long as I’m trying to elongate the leg, I might as well add a half inch or two.

For an upcoming outdoor wedding, I was in search of heel with enough heft that it won’t sink into the grass beneath. I nude_sandalsthink this strappy, four-inch number by Calvin Klein fits the bill. I picked them up for a steal at perennial fave DSW (for $30 less than they’re offered on right now).  Since that day, I’ve been in shoe heaven. A quick test run proved the sandals to be pretty comfortable, but only a night of dancing under the stars will tell for sure.

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes and a snazzy new camera to give a girl a new outlook on life!

Posted by Miss Mojito.

3 responses to “New Acquisitions, New Outlook

  1. Great-looking shoes.
    I look forward to reading how you get on with the camera.
    I am looking for a new tiny camera, and had been thinking of the Canon IXUS.

  2. Miss M, I would love to know what outfit(s) you paired with your newly acquired nude platforms. The are truly great. I also got a peak at your nail color, which also looks pretty great. :-)

  3. Dark purple nails are a personal fave.
    Can’t find a pic of the dress online, but it was this two-layered number: a tighter, light turquoise dress on the bottom, with a loose, dark turquoise mesh overlay draped on top, off the shoulder, above the knee. The dress (and shoes) will definitely be making appearances at future weddings.

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