Blue Over PR

Praise the fashion gods, Michael Kors is back, and better than ever! His critiques made an otherwise yawn-worthy episode of Project Runway worth watching – namely, labeling Louise’s frock “a bridesmaid’s dress with a shower loofah ruched up the front of it,” and calling out Christopher for his monstrosity of a “teal charmeuse disco pumpkin.” Classic Kors.

Unfortunately, Michael’s critiques were the only highlights in an otherwise dismal episode. Read on for the low-lights.

  • The challenge is blue. Yes, blue. How does a color even qualify as a challenge?! Granted, the designers must also work in teams, and create two outfits that fit the INC brand at Macy’s. But still, this is a highly uninspiring challenge.
  • Louise’s aforementioned bridesmaid’s dress, as well as a blue ruffled sheath, were the losers of the day, and deservedly so. Besides the almost preposterous and costumey ruffles on both dresses, the styling was way off. Louise’s shoe pick for the bridesmaid gown, a mustard ankle strap sandal, was particularly offensive.
  • For everyone else, boredom was the name of the game. I actually visited Macy’s just this weekend and found myself drawn to the INC line, but the PR contestants’ interpretations were pretty dull.
  • Nina Garcia continues her disappearing act. Come back, Nina. We miss you!51rTfQEXg3L__SL500__SS140_

pr6-ep7-irina-fIrina wins, thanks in large part to this beachy, v-neck dress. But I must admit, finding the perfect shoe for this outfit was a tricky task. It’s a summery dress, and needs something fairly delicate and certainly open-toed, instead of a heavy shoe that might weigh down the dress. And, of course, there’s the blue requirement. These phenomenal open-toe slingbacks over at might be a good fit – I like the idea of continuing the stripes theme, and the navy coloring is right on. But maybe they’re a bit too heavy for this particular dress.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What shoes would you pair with this tricky number?

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One response to “Blue Over PR

  1. Great recap, Miss M. I can’t believe after I heaped all that praise on Christopher, he created those disasters. And, he was so confident about them. A little troubling.

    I think Irina’s patchwork dress was the only design I liked. If Althea and Logan had made the suit with shorts (instead of that short-short skirt), I may have gone for that.

    As far as your shoe picks, you are right about it being tricky. I like mixing prints, so I love your strappy slingbacks. If I owned Irina’s dress, I would wear these peep-toe wedges I picked up at Banana. Imagine them in light gray: I think the stacked wedge gives a casual feel, and gray goes with practically everything!

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