Unexpected Mixes

I do love a chance to sample a new cocktail menu, and last evening I did just that at a friend’s birthday celebration. Lemaire, the restaurant in the historic Jefferson Hotel, is something of a Richmond institution. But that institution recently received a facelift, complete with a posh new bar. Plenty of marble fills the space, along with modern glass chandeliers that look more like sleek lucite. It’s a chic and comfy spot for some post-work imbibing.

While I haven’t sampled the eats at Lemaire, I did partake in their delectable and creative cocktail menu. My pick was IMG_0888the new-to-me Lady Astor, which combines Patron Tequila, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, house-made grenadine, lime juice and agave. I was intrigued by the combo of tequila and bourbon, and the results were fairly delightful and even fruity. It takes its name from Nancy Langhorne Astor, who was the first lady elected to British parliament. According to the cocktail menu, “she was a complex lady, and we think this drink represents her well.” The mix of tequila and bourbon was certainly complex, but I might have a lighter hand on the sweet agave when I remake this cocktail at home.

I wore a pair of basic black booties for the evening’s festivities, but when I return I’ll go with something a bit more festive. And since the Lady Astor is an unexpected mix of bourbon and tequila, my pick is an unexpected mix, too. This fun print from Nine West does it for me: from a distance, the heel resembles a cheetah pattern while the toe looks a bit more floral. Call it complex or call it crazy, but I call it too cute.


Posted by Miss Mojito.

4 responses to “Unexpected Mixes

  1. Tequila and bourbon? I’m intrigued as well… I’ll have to find a recipe and mix this one up soon.

    Also, as a fashion-forward man, I love the general theme of your site. Shoes and cocktails? Fantastic!

  2. I love that the cocktails is dedicated to a “complicated” woman, find me an un-complicated woman and I will show you a boring woman! We must make a batch of Lady Astors to celebrate our upcoming birthdays!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Ken!
    Proportions-wise, I’m thinking one ounce tequila, one ounce bourbon, 1/2 ounce lime and a dollop of agave might be a nice combo. I’ll report back once I do some experimenting.
    CQ, this is right up our alleys!

  4. MM,
    With Kentucky Derby falling exactly on Cinco de Mayo again this year, I went in search of a cocktail combining your tequila and bourbon. Nowhere on the web had I found anything albeit for your wonderful article (BTW-great writing) about the Lady Astor.

    Have you made any progress on the recipe? Have you tried another since 2009? I look forward to your reply…

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