Nothing But Drama

Drama was the name of the game for last week’s episode of Project Runway, which challenged designers to create a red-carpet gown for a post-pregnant Heidi Klum.

Dramatic Moment Number 1: Maya, one of my personal fave designers, decides to up and quit! This comes as a big shock to all parties involved this late in the game, and we’re all sad to see her go.

Dramatic Moment Number 2: Anthony comes back to take Maya’s place! After being ousted last week, Anthony makes a triumphant return.

Dramatic Moment Number 3: Heidi crowns not one but two winners. Emilio gets a nod for his coppery, shiny, strapless gown while Anthony gets kudos for his floor-length, flowing dress that very much resembles (in a very good way) a black and white cookie.

Not-So Dramatic Moment: Jonathan gets kicked off. Since he’s been on the chopping block for a number of weeks, it comes as no big shock, but I was a fan of his pretty and feminine designs.

In honor of Anthony’s return and his striking black-and-white design – which Jessica Alba will be sporting at a future event – I’ve picked out a couple of my fave black-and-white pumps for the shoe pairing.

Option number one is a classic, open-toe slingback from none other than Miss Kate Spade. Option number too is a  trendier pump, with a graphic pattern and sleek platform. Both, please!

Posted by Miss Mojito.

2 responses to “Nothing But Drama

  1. I can’t believe Maya left — totally didn’t see that coming. Also can’t believe that Emilio has won three challenges in a row. This is the same guy that made that horrible hot pink string bikini. But, both he and Anthony probably designed their best dresses yet during this episode.

  2. I know! I like some of Emilio’s designs, but I have trouble rooting for him.

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