All Things Espadrillian

We all know the difference between a trend and a classic. Classic: blue jeans. Trend: bell bottoms. Classic: pencil skirt. Trend: boho hippie skirt.

But there are some articles of clothing – and footwear – where the division between classic and trend isn’t so black and white. Today, I’d like to make the argument for the classic appeal of the espadrille.

First, this is a shoe rooted in history, making its debut in the Pyrenees in the 14th century. Moreover, the concept of the espadrille is highly customizable: the braided jute sole can go upscale with a metallic leather upper or classy casual with printed canvas. Finally, this is a shoe that you can invest in at a relatively affordable price. What more could you ask for in a classic?

Here, we offer a mini-sampling of my favorite espadrilles in the under-$100 price range.

espadrillesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I’ve already added the fabulously-priced Old Navy pair to my wardrobe, and despite the steep heel and the lace-up styling, they’re a model of summer comfort. But even with this recent acquisition, I can’t resist lusting after the geometric Tory Burch pair, the work-appropriate option by Charles David Yell or the city-chic sandals by Free People.

To Miss Mojito’s mind, these staple sandals constitute a certified summer classic.

Posted by Miss Mojito.

4 responses to “All Things Espadrillian

  1. Miss Mojito,

    Further evidence of the classic appeal of the espadrille: I have a pair of espadrilles (with red cloth straps, similar to the Charles David Yell but not as high) that were my mom’s, from almost 30 years ago! And, I would be wearing them today, if they weren’t a little worse for the wear.

    I really like the lace-up styling, but never quite sure how to wear them and what to wear them with. What will you wear yours with?

  2. I saw Miss Mojito wearing the Old Navy espadrilles. She looked totes fab.

  3. Oh my gosh I want to wear them with absolutely everything! In particular I’ve been pairing them with short skirts – a flouncy greige number from BR and a strapless, floral print dress from Need Supply. They totally succeed in elongating the leg!

  4. I am spending the summer in southern Spain, where espadrilles are a way of life. On top of that, I’ve befriended a woman who owns an online espadrille business:, which is where I picked up these little numbers. I am smitten!

    (and of course, they go perfectly with a copa of sangria)

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