Breaking Shoe News

Miss Mojito just received a phenomenal shoe delivery. So phenomenal, in fact, that a live, breaking news update was in order. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to what will undoubtedly be my favorite shoe of fall and the pre-fall transition season: the Ginara Clog.

I’ve heard all the talk about how the clog is just huge for fall, and I had my doubts – it’s an inherently unfeminine and slightly clunky shape. But clunky, I’ve learned, isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to shoes. Banana Republic has taken the clog and feminized it, adding a lovely sling back (all the better for walking) and a slightly rounded toe. I’m obsessed with the wooden base, the hardware detailing and the gray suede.

This is the first shoe I’ve bought from Banana Republic, and I’m as pleased as punch. And thanks to a combination of discount cards and sales, I got these for a steal at $50 off!

When the box arrived at my office today and I finally got around to opening it, I broke into a chorus of Alleluias – literally. Then I quickly put them on and walked around the office for five minutes to show everyone how happy I was with these shoes – really.

This is such a fantastic purchase because I deliberated for just ages on whether or not to take the clog plunge. I visited two Banana Republic stores in person with no luck locating this particular pair, and since the Web site doesn’t have a picture of a model wearing the shoes, I just couldn’t envision their beauty. Until now.

Added bonus: they’re available in a rich, brown leather too. Which, honestly, I might just have to buy as well. They’re that amazing.

Posted by Miss Mojito.

4 responses to “Breaking Shoe News

  1. Yeah, so, Ms. S&C has shoe envy. Big time.

    PS: How awesome will these clogs look with tights? Nice find, Miss M.

  2. Great choice. It hasnt hit stores yet… a great + for buying online. FYI. I just got back from an exclusive meeting with Camuto(vendor who does shoes for Banana Republic) and they are taking Banana’s shoes to a whole new level this season. Previously shoes were always.. ok.. bc you could always get them on discount, sale, etc. But into Holiday there is some really exciting stuff on the way.

  3. Miss Mojito, this is most certainly NOT your first pair of shoes from Banana Republic. Remember the black pair of sandals you had first year that you wore almost every single day? Clunky (in a bad way) soles, big straps around the ankles? You truly have come a long way.

  4. CQ, your insanely sharp memory might just inspire some comment censorship in the future. Although I am envisioning having some fun with a post about shoe mistakes from the past that still haunt us today. . .

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