Farm-girl glamour

Clearly, Ms. S&C is looking to glamourize farm life. (Or, maybe it is time for her to embrace her farm-girl roots?) First, she fell in love with this farm-girl chic look over on The Sartorialist. Then, she ran across these boots at Nine West (from the aptly named “Vintage American Collection”).

No, they are not authentic. They are not perfectly weathered from removing brush by the pond or hauling bales of hay. But, they are awesome, and she wants them. (Now, off to find the perfect utility coat to match!)

posted by Ms. S&C

3 responses to “Farm-girl glamour

  1. I LOVE these boots! When I saw them I immediately pictured myself apple picking with black leggings and a cozy sweater. These boots would surely make any fall outing fabulous!

  2. you should get a barbour jacket….i love those and they are farmish

  3. @ Jen, yes, to apple picking, pumpkin patches, leggings, comfy sweaters, and fall. You’ve created a fabulous vision.

    @ DND, perfect call on the Barbour. Enough said.

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