Warms my heart

There’s nothing that could warm Ms. S&C’s heart more than to receive these texts and emails over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Text from DD: “…I have cinnamon infused simple syrup chilling in the fridge for the cinn. apple punch you suggested. Can’t wait to try it :)”

Text from Brother S&C: “We made your spiced autumn punch!”

Ms. S&C is particularly pleased that these two took her up on her Thanksgiving drink recommendations. Now, she wants to know how they turned out, and who you served them to?  

Email from KS: “Frozen ice cubes with mint and cranberries. Aren’t they pretty? Wish we could share a cocktail… Two weeks… xoxo.”

KS, PLEASE tell me what you used these flavored ice cubes for? They are so pretty and make me so happy.

Text from KG: “That’s an empty martini glass that previously contained THE best cosmo I’ve ever had…at Farmers and Fishers.”

KG, Ms. S&C tried one (or several) of those very same cosmos at that Style in the City party she hosted at the beginning of the summer. And yes, it was the best one she’s ever had.

Family, friends, readers: keep the messages coming, okay? Ms. S&C wants to know what you are eating, drinking and wearing!

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3 responses to “Warms my heart

  1. Up north in Wisconsin, once the weather gets below freezing (which can happen as early as August), we like to buy frozen Tom & Jerry batter and mix it with hot water and brandy. Now that I live in Texas, I can’t find the frozen batter anywhere. My sister found some on the Trader Vic’s website that is made without eggs, so is nonperishable. She had some shipped to me, so this Thanksgiving, with my Wisconsin family visiting, we sipped many Tom & Jerry’s. Warmed my belly and my head! I’ve googled Tom & Jerry batter, and it seems pretty easy to make, although once you see what it’s made from, it is not as easy to drink.

  2. It was a huge hit! We did a double portion and had it in a large glass dispenser with cinnamon sticks floating around for added flavor.

  3. @RB, I believe you have made mention of the Tom & Jerry before. And I think I like Wisconsin family traditions. (I have a strong disposition for warm, creamy, boozy beverages.)

    @Brother S&C, hooray!

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