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Dancing queen

I loved the Project Runway drag queen challenge. I loved the queens, who are so much more entertaining and so much more fun than the usual models (yawn). I loved the return of the beloved Chris March. And, I loved the much-talked-about, everybody’s-new-favorite-Tim-Gunn-line, said to the increasingly annoying Blayne, “It looks like a pterodactyl from a gay Jurassic Park.” Holla!

It was très difficult to find shoes spectacular enough to pair with these over-the-top designs. My favorite design of the night was Terri. Girl has a bit of an attitude and it shows in her clothes. Her designs always have many interesting elements, and her creation for Acid Betty was no exception. These multi-color gladiators definitely have some edge, but nothing can beat those platform boots (I love how one ties in with the stripes on the kimono-brilliant).

Joe’s Elvis-turns-Sailor outfit was the winning design. It may have been a little safe, but there’s no question Varla Jean Merman was loving it. I chose these round-toe platforms for her naughty nautical look.

As far as cocktails – definitely something with wasabi for Acid Betty (bloody mary, martini), and maraschino cherries for Varla.

S&C alerts–shoe icons, shrubs

Below are some of my latest finds in shoes, cocktails, and things related.

  • S&C is a big fan of lists, rankings, critics’ picks, recaps, etc. Footwear News has another great slideshow highlighting the top 50 styles that have stood the test of time. We’re talking about shoes that are timeless. Classics. Icons. Make sure you check out the photo captions and find out a little more about Converse All Stars, Dr. Martens, Timberlands, and Manolo Blahniks, of course.
  • Be on the lookout for shrubs the next time you are ordering specialty cocktails. They are all over the cocktail/mixology blogs these days. Everyone is realizing that fresh, local produce (in this case, fruit) has a place in drinks too. Shrub is a vinegary fruit syrup that was commonly prepared and drunk during the colonial times. To make your own homemade shrub, bring 1 cup white or champagne vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 2 pints fresh berries, and up to a half cup of water to a boil. Stir. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and bottle. My good friend, JD, just gave me a bottle of raspberry shrub prepared locally in PA — glad that I now have some good uses for it. Here are a few recipes worth checking out:
    • A Dash of Bitters recently made a Cabana Shrub using Cabana Cachaça and raspberry shrub syrup, and blueberry-gooseberry syrup.
    • The Cocktail Chronicles made Apple Bramble Buck with blackberry shrub.

Shoes & Cocktails wants to know: What shoes/cocktails do you consider iconic? Post a comment below.