All grown up

Last week’s Project Runway episode challenged the designers to help makeover recent college graduates and get them ready for the working world. Jerell strung together another win, making it two in a row, Suede lives for another week, and Kenley is going to need some larger hair pieces because her head gets bigger every week. Meow.

Let’s get right down to business. Our choice for the shoe pairing is J.Crew. It feels collegiate, and the fall collection is fabulous.

Jerell is meddling with our hope for an all female finale, but we like his geek-to-chic transformation. The high-waisted pencil skirt, satin top, and long cardigan are a great look. To break up the solid prints, let’s pair it with a glossy animal print. And, I’ll take the whole outfit for my own fall wardrobe, thank you.

Kenley initially dissed Tim’s suggestion that she remove some of the excess tulle at the bottom of her mini-me look. Recognizing that you do not diss Tim Gunn, she went ahead and changed it. It may be a little matchy-matchy, but we’re going with these modernized Mary Jane heels, to compliment the pale pink belt.

Korto – we love Korto. She minds her own business, and cranks out good designs every week. This outfit is not our favorite of hers, but we’ve paired it with one of our favorite pumps. We love the contrast of the wood heel with the shiny patent leather, and think it pairs nicely with the natural-looking fabric of the blazer. And, check out all the fun colors!

We have high hopes for the next episode where LL Cool J is a guest judge — woo hoo!

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