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Roll out the red carpet

The TV-show-drink-and-shoe-pairings are in full swing over here at S&C. Project Runway is finally back from its hiatus, and the Project Runway Shoe Pairing has been resurrected. If you are new to S&C, the Project Runway Shoe Pairing is a reoccurring feature on the blog, where we recap the previous week’s episode and then pair spectacular shoes with the winning design. (Yes, S&C has an embarrassment of riches, in fresh content, right now.)


Project Runway is back and on Lifetime

The new season of Project Runway premiered last week. The show has not only moved from its home at Bravo to Lifetime, but from New York City to L.A. Fortunately, the PR family members are still in tact, with the delightful Tim Gunn, smashing Heidi Klum, snarky Michael Kors and under-appreciated Nina Garcia. Here are a few thoughts on episode one, also known as the Red Carpet Challenge:

  • Was it me, or was the first episode a bit over-the-top in the drama department? I mean, it is way too early for a designer breakdown, isn’t it? And, a breakdown over the Red Carpet Challenge? Every designer should come already prepared for one evening gown look. It is a gimme.
  • So glad that Tim Gunn and Michael Kors have not lost their sense of humor, and continue to deliver the best lines of the night. Faves include: Gunn describing one dress as “cruise-line cocktail,” and another as a “halter-diaper.” Kors describing Mitchell’s disaster as “a nightgown to wear at home with a glass of brandy.”
  • Biggest surprise may have been a calm, stable Lindsay Lohan, serving as guest judge, and contributing intelligent and thoughtful remarks.
  • There wasn’t a lot of time spent on the final runway designs (too many contestants), but Christopher wins (which seems about right), with his elegant yet sharp, hard on top and soft on bottom, perfect balance of edgy and pretty dress. I like it.
  • Off-the-wall Ari is out. Actually, I’m kind-of surprised they didn’t keep her around longer just to see more of her unconventional, highly-conceptual design methods. (That sounds a lot better than it actually is.)

pr6-ep1-rr-chris-katie-fNow, for the shoe pairing. Borrowing heavily from the judges’ comments (they described it better than I ever would), the dress is edgy and soft. Modern and classic. Pairing it with booties is the way to go.gucci-booties

With the high-style and contrasting textures, the dress feels like it was practically made to wear with hard-to-wear booties. If on the red carpet, a premium footwear designer is not out of the question. So,  these satiny Gucci’s are my picks. I like how the shiny texture complements the upper material of the dress. Other top options include these asymmetric patent booties from Dolce and Gabbana and these caged open-toe ankle boots from Giuseppe Zanotti. Shoes, I can’t afford — oh, how I’ve missed you.

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Be mine

Dear Mr. S&C,

Valentine’s Day is approaching — the day when lovers express their love with gifts of chocolates, flowers, homemade cards, and maybe even shoes? Ms. S&C tells me that you’ve been working like a madman over the past couple of months. I bet you haven’t had much time to think of a gift for your lovely wife? I seem to recall that last year you tried to order flowers on February 13, and the florist laughed at you? Perhaps I can help by offering a few recommendations?

These Giuseppe Zanotti floral pumps are pretty incredible — and a much better gift than a dozen roses. With the rounded toe and pleated detail — they are like a work of art.  Another option is this Noah Love Birds clutch. Bright red and love birds! It practically has Perfect. Valentine’s Day. Gift. written all over it.



Yours truly,
A Concerned Friend

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A bad sign

Uh oh. On Project Runway, eliminated designers came back to help with the avant-garde astrological challenge. We knew this was going to get prickly, but I didn’t expect it to be disappointing. I’m talking disappointing on the design-side, not the catty-complaining-back talking-drama-side.

Double uh oh. Terri and Keith are partners? We all sensed this trouble from the beginning. While I think Terri’s talented and would have liked to see her collection at Bryant Park, her attitude is too much. They say, “Karma is a #&%(#.” Peace out, Terri.

We also knew Blaynelicious wasn’t long for the show. As soon as Michael Kors said his design looked like it was “pooping fabric,” I knew it was over. And, I can’t even get into the discussion of Kenley’s over-confident mediocrity. My steadfast assumption that it will be an all ladies final took a beating this week. It was the guys who came out on top.

When watching, I liked that Jerell was working the multi-texture angle again. But, I have to admit, after two days of reflection, and taking one look at the picture in the gallery photos, I can’t believe Jerell won with this design. The “schoolmarm” fabric for the skirt makes the model look large and frumpy. I can’t even pair shoes with this outfit. I just don’t like it.

The big surprise was Joe. After last week, I would have put a bounty on his head. But he came through with this layered ruffled look. And, I positively adore these shoes from Guiseppe Zanotii. That brown crocodile rosette is amazingly gorgeous. Gorgeous. Amazing. Gorgeous. Amazing. (I meant to be repetitive.)

The design and shoe pairing I’ll leave you with is the winner of last year’s avant-garde challenge. Christian Siriano and Chris March’s design was magnificent. These Fendi platforms are too.