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Super Bowl party planning

Ms. S&C is party planning for her annual Super Bowl party (it will be number eight). When party-planning for any occasion, it is important to pick a theme, or have a focus for the event. This year’s Super Bowl is in Miami, the city simultaneous with Cuban cuisine and Latino culture. Bobby Flay, the new monthly food columnist for Parade magazine, suggests using this as your party theme so you can cook items like adobo-seasoned chicken wings and Cuban sandwich crostinis. And mojitos would be perfect. You could also go the New Orleans, hurricane-fueled Mardi Gras, route. Gumbo, jambalaya, and po-boys all work as football food. And no other city has quite the same legendary cocktails.

The S&C’s are unapologetically hosting an one-sided
Super Bowl Party this year.

Both of these themes are likely better than the S&C’s Blue & White Party. But, the S&C family are Colts fans. Big time. And, we’re in the golden age of Colts football. Peyton Manning is arguably the best quarterback ever, and Bill Polian is a a genius of his own. So, we’ll rejoice in this. We’ll celebrate this. And this is how.

  • Theme – The Blue & White Party, for the Indianapolis Colts, whose team colors are blue and white.
  • Food – Traditional football fare will be served: pigs n’ blanket, spinach dip (with blue corn chips), and whatever else guests bring. The featured item will be chocolate cupcakes with white icing and blue horseshoes, special-made from Buzz Bakery.
  • Beverages – It’s not a party without punch. A version of our favorite sparkling punch will be made with blueberries, and we’ll have plenty of craft beer from Indiana (probably Three Floyds).
  • Entertainment – Aside from the game, we’ll have football squares, Super Bowl bingo, Colts player-position match game. Prizes will be awarded to winners (maybe another dinner with the S&C’s?).
  • Décor – Over the years, we’ve accumulated a collection of football-serving plates, glasses, and other Colts paraphernalia. We’ve also got a football piñata, and we’ll buy blue and white paper product items, balloons, and even streamers this year.
  • Wardrobe – Mr. S&C owns an Addai jersey. Ms. S&C has a number of apparel items ranging from an Alyssa Milano touch t-shirt to a vintage Baltimore Colts majorette vest. Team colors all the way.

No matter how much planning is involved, inevitably the success of the party is tied to the outcome of the game. Go Colts!

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