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S&C reader poll–vote on cocktails

Ms. S&C’s birthday is approaching.  In fact, it is on Repeal Day!  To celebrate the occasion, she and Mr. S&C will be hosting a cocktail party.  We’re having a difficult time deciding what cocktail we should serve.  Who better else to help us decide than readers?!?!?!  You’ll be hearing about it anyway:-)  Check out the drink descriptions below and vote on which cocktail you would like to see served at our upcoming cocktail party.

Pomegranate Gin Rickey – we’ll make our own simple syrup with pomegranate juice and seeds, mix with gin, lime and seltzer.   It will be our twist on a local fave.

Corpse Reviver, No. 2 – we first introduced the Corpse Reviver, No. 2, on Halloween, and we’re still not tired of it!  Love the combination of spirits and the tartness of lemon.

Champagne Cocktail – maybe a little raspberry liqueur, crème de cassis, or a French 75.  Who cares?  It goes with everything.

Jalapeno Margarita – we’ll infuse jalapeno in our simple syrup, combine it with lime and tequila. We may be serving contemporary Tex-Mex style appetizers, so this could be a perfect match.

Thanks for voting!