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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A friend forwarded a fantastic article to me that got me thinking: do I have a “signature” cocktail? New York Times blogger Anna Fricke reflects on the concept in her March 22 post, “Your Signature Cocktail.”

Ms. Fricke, whose sentimental favorite is the strawberry daiquiri but finds herself “compelled by circumstances to act strawberry_daiquirimy age and order a nice Bordeaux,” thinks that many of us aren’t drinking what we want to drink; instead, we choose the drink that we think will give those around us the best impression. Which makes sense: if I’m at some dive, I’d definitely pick a beer over a bellini. And I wouldn’t be caught dead at a chic martini bar with, for example, a rum and coke in hand. “What we choose to drink can reveal more about us than, say, our astrological sign or whether we prefer Elvis or the Beatles,” writes Ms. Fricke, and I think she’s right on target.

The drink I order with the most frequency is the gin & tonic. It’s a safe, tasty bet that is hard to get wrong. It’s a bit mature but not stuffy, and definitely cheaper than some fancier cocktails. So, does the fact that the gin & tonic is my most frequently ordered drink make it my signature?

Then again, my name is, after all, Miss Mojito. The mojito is undoubtedly my favorite drink—I’ve waxed poetic about its addictive sweet tartness countless times. So what should define my signature: frequency or favoritism?

Throw into the mix the question of seasonal appropriateness, and we have ourselves a real conundrum. What might work well as my signature drink in the spring or summer might seem weak and lifeless during cold winter months. What’s a girl to do?

Miss M wants to know: Is your favorite drink your frequently ordered drink? Share your cocktail ordering philosophy.

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