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At the Storefront

I like going out to bars as much as the next girl. But when the bar comes to you? Perfection.

That’s exactly what you get when you stay at the Storefront, a tiny hotel in Staunton, Va. that’s “boutique” in every sense of the word. The two-story building houses a bedroom and small kitchen on the top floor and a private bar that faces the street on the first floor. Guests can partake of a well-stocked snack bar and complimentary mixers while whipping up batches of their favorite cocktails, all in the comfort of their own hotel! On a recent trip, we indulged in some Brown Derbies (bourbon, grapefruit & agave) before heading out on the town to the nearby Blackfriar’s Playhouse and Zynadoa restaurant.

I’ve lauded the virtues of Staunton as a weekend-vacay destination for shoe and cocktail lovers before. The Storefront provides an even better excuse to make the trip!

Posted by Miss Mojito.