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A Little Leggy

Miss Mojito would be lost without a wide and varied collection of tights and leggings to get her through the winter months. Some tights are perfect for work and some are better suited for fun; some leggings pair well with heels and some are perfect for boots. And believe me, it’s taken loads of trial and error to identify my personal faves.

Basic Black: I’ve been circulating two pairs of my Asset brand black opaque footed tights for over two seasons now without so much as a snag or tear. These are the frugal girl’s version of Spanx, available at Target for $14. They’re heavy weight, totally opaque and do a great job at smoothing and shaping.

For footless leggings, I’m partial to a pair from Express. They’re a great length and weight.

Fun with Colors: For on-trend, jewel-toned tights, Hue is my go-to brand. They’re available at a few local stores here in Richmond (Need Supply is where I buy mine), and also online. I love the way the vibrant colors pop against a great pair of shoes, like this turquoise-purple combination I tried out.

Shades of Ombre: Sister Mojito and I both flipped when we spotted this pair of ombre shaded tights. They start as black at the waist band and fade to a pale gray at the toe. Perfect when you want to insert a bit of drama in your leg-wear!

80s Flashback: I bought my black velvet stirrup leggings from American Apparel with a very specific purpose in mind. I was looking for a warm, heavy weight legging—something a bit sturdier than footless cotton spandex leggings—that would tuck smoothly into ankle and mid-calf boots. The stirrup seemed to be the perfect option, and somehow American Apparel convinced me that a velvet finish was the way to go. I’ve had tons of fun pairing these leggings with black lace-up boots and floaty dresses.

In Search of Some Texture: I love textured tights paired with an above-the-knee skirt and suede boots. The combo of different shades and textures can be so striking. My favorite mixes include a loden green, textured diamond tight partnered with a slouchy, beige suede wedge boot, and a pair of charcoal, chevron patterned tights with some pointy-toed, rust-toned boots.

Time for Bed: Due to a drafty old apartment, I often rely on my polartec fleece leggings to keep me warm at night. I highly recommend investing in a pair! My version came from JCrew in the mid-90s, but a quick tour of Google should point you in the right direction.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What role do tights and leggings play in your cold-weather wardrobe? And PS – if anyone has recommendations on how to take photos of your own feet without contorting your body most uncomfortably, Miss Mojito is all ears!

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