Cleaning out my closet

I spent part of the Labor Day weekend attempting to bring order to my under-sized closet. For awhile now, my shoe storage has consisted of me lining them up in rows in front of my dresser, thus causing me to (a) trip over them when trying to access the dresser, (b) inadvertently push them underneath the dresser, (c) wipe off a layer of dog hair before wearing. And on more than one occasion, I’ve found a few of the dog’s tennis balls lying in my wedges.

After measuring my closet, I settled on this 12-pair shelving organizer from The Container Store. I would have loved the stackable cedar shoe racks, but alas, not enough room. I think I’ve somehow ended up with the smallest closet in America. Though slightly disappointed with the quality (particleboard after all), and realizing that I don’t have much room to grow, I’m pretty happy with the finished product. The good news is I do have one other closet in my bedroom. The bad news — what happens when my husband can no longer store his stuff in the guest bedroom closet?

7 responses to “Cleaning out my closet

  1. I am in India & my wife faces exactly the same problem as you. & I myself keep all my stuff in teh gest bedroom & scared it will overflow someday. So right now she has her closet in our bedroom.

    Miles apart but stuck a similarity with me.

  2. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that makes her husband use the guest room closet. Although, I never worry if he’s going to run out of room…he better start throwing things away at that point. There’s no chance I’m letting him take my space!

  3. Hey…you could give some away. Is there any chance that you may wear a size 9??? Just a suggestion :)

  4. shoesandcocktails

    That’s a good one, Ms. L! I do have a give-away bag. Unfortunately, my feet are as tiny as my closet. I wear a size 6, sometimes 6.5.

  5. When your husband’s wardrobe gets to big it’s time to call goodwill. A great tax write off too! All those suits! Poor Camrox had to do that last year.

  6. Where have you been hiding those cowboy boots?? Can you write about them and what to pair them with?

  7. shoesandcocktails

    MGC gave me those cowboy boots a few years ago for an anniversary gift. I can’t believe you haven’t seen them. They were inspired by the Annie Hall movie poster in our bedroom–Diane Keaton’s wearing cowboy boots and looks fab.

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