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On the receiving end

Happiest of holidays to you! While you can never go wrong with booze (a common gift given and received), Ms. S&C was on the receiving end of a few other shoes and cocktails inspired gifts this year. All courtesy of Mother S&C!

To tell the truth, Ms. S&C doesn’t know a whole lot about wine. She gets her regions confused, her grapes confused, then there’s the Old World vs. New World, wine etiquette, and the science and artistry of wine-making. She wants to know more about these things, so bring on the Wine Wars Trivia Game!


Living in a small house, with tiny closets, and the inherited trait of never wanting to throw anything out (a trait of Mother S&C mind you), additional shoe racks are a welcome gift (and necessity, as clearly one wasn’t enough!).


And lastly, here’s a sassy little stocking stuffer that’s already made its way to the office. While Ms. S&C can agree (somewhat) on the message, she likes to emphasize quality over quantity :)


Any other fun shoes and cocktails inspired holiday gifts out there? Any self-gifts? Please share!

Cleaning out my closet

I spent part of the Labor Day weekend attempting to bring order to my under-sized closet. For awhile now, my shoe storage has consisted of me lining them up in rows in front of my dresser, thus causing me to (a) trip over them when trying to access the dresser, (b) inadvertently push them underneath the dresser, (c) wipe off a layer of dog hair before wearing. And on more than one occasion, I’ve found a few of the dog’s tennis balls lying in my wedges.

After measuring my closet, I settled on this 12-pair shelving organizer from The Container Store. I would have loved the stackable cedar shoe racks, but alas, not enough room. I think I’ve somehow ended up with the smallest closet in America. Though slightly disappointed with the quality (particleboard after all), and realizing that I don’t have much room to grow, I’m pretty happy with the finished product. The good news is I do have one other closet in my bedroom. The bad news — what happens when my husband can no longer store his stuff in the guest bedroom closet?