S&C diversion–cartoons

There’s no shortage of cartoons about shoes over in the New Yorker magazine’s Cartoon Bank. I would love to have a framed print for my office (hint, hint MGC). Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. I know how expensive women’s shoes are, but take the goddam jewelry!
  2. Jimmy Choo, Mahnolo Blahnik—honestly can’t taste the difference.”
  3. I can’t walk in these shoes, which is a problem, because I can’t sit down in this skirt.
  4. I couldn’t resist—the second pair was free.
  5. Remember back when the worst thing you could catch around here was athlete’s foot? (When this cartoon appeared in the magazine, I actually entered the New Yorker caption contest with a similar concept. Caption was, “There goes the neighborhood.”)

Shoes & Cocktails wants to know: Which is your favorite? Because of strict copyrights, I can’t post the cartoons, so take a look and make a comment below. And trust me, you’ll know if one ends up in my office.

7 responses to “S&C diversion–cartoons

  1. shoesandcocktails

    I just realized–can we believe the new yorker spelled manolo wrong?

  2. They’re all funny but as a dog lover, I’ve got to go with number 2. If they’d picked your caption for number 5 it would’ve been the clear winner.

  3. My favorite is #3. I can think of a time recently when I had a very similar problem.

  4. #3 is my fave too!!!!

  5. #4 or #1 are my favorites. Love the elephants. A great anniversary present idea for Matt!

  6. I’m stuck between 1 and 3. #1 reminds me of my peeps. #3 is a been there and seen that. So I’m forced to render a psychometric judgment. #1 is it! Applicable standards to be cited anon.

  7. I love #3 because it’s true!

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