Autumnal equinox

In honor of summer’s end and autumn’s arrival, we toasted the changing of the seasons with a large pitcher of sangria over the weekend. Many thanks to friends James and Nicole for the lovely fiesta.

This recipe is a modified version of ones adapted from The Recipe Girl and Cook’s Illustrated. Cook’s says you don’t need to go with the expensive stuff when making sangria. I trust them on that, so I picked up Tres Ojos Old Vine Garnacha from Whole Foods for $7 a bottle.

The Ingredients/Recipe:
(Recipe is for two bottles of wine)

  • Prepare at least 3 hours in advance (can be up to 24 hours in advance)
  • Slice 1 lemon, 1 lime, and 2 oranges in whole slices, then quarter
  • Place all citrus in a pitcher, add 2 bottles of red wine (preferrably Spanish)
  • Add 5-6 shots of orange liqueur
  • Refrigerate for several hours, to allow time for the fruit flavors to blend with wine
  • Pour and top, generously, with seltzer water (note: it can be very tricky to pour and get an adequate mixture of fruit in each glass; recommend that you pour the wine first, spoon in fruit mixture, then top with seltzer)

S&C’s also has a recipe for white wine sangria, if you’re interested.

One response to “Autumnal equinox

  1. I can second that tasty sangria. Thanks for the great drink and hanging out late night.

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