Party animals

In Washington, DC, elections are a good excuse to party.  Inaugural balls, primary-watching happy hours, election-results parties.  We’ve already shared some of the DNC-themed cocktails from the convention.  So naturally, they’ll be plenty of people with cocktail in hand watching tonight’s Vice Presidential train wreck debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

What you’ll be drinking tonight could say a lot about your political preference.  Here are a few amusing articles and surveys linking political preference to cocktails and bar behavior.  In short:


  • Prefer clear spirits such as gin and vodka, and white wine
  • Tip better
  • Have better pick-up lines
  • Give better toasts


  • Prefer darker spirits such as bourbon and scotch, and red wine
  • Are more likely to order a drink straight up
  • Are less likely to order a “fruity,” or pink drink
  • Will arrive first at happy hour

For more humorous comparisons, check out the New York Times’ You Might Be an Obama Supporter if…, and You Might Be a McCain Supporter if…


If you are in need of ideas for election-themed cocktails, here are a few for you to enjoy, courtesy of Beam Global Spirits & Wine.

The Running Mate

• 2 parts bourbon, preferably Maker’s Mark
• 1 part simple syrup
• 2 wedges lemon
• 1 slice of watermelon

Muddle lemon and watermelon with simple syrup.  Add bourbon and ice.  Shake and strain into a large old-fashioned glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with a slice watermelon and lemon wheel.

Recipe Source: James Lee, bartender at West End Tavern in Boulder, CO

The Donkey
Sounds similar to the Blackberry Bourbon Cobbler over at Central.

• 2 parts bourbon, preferably Knob Creek
• 1 part triple sec
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• 6 mint sprigs
• Splash of raspberry schnapps
• Fresh raspberries and blueberries to garnish

Add sugar, bourbon and mint into an old-fashioned glass filled with crushed ice and muddle the fruit.  Garnish with berries and mint.

Recipe Source: Jim Hewes, bartender at Round Robin Bar, Willard InterContinental in Washington, DC


In closing, join me and other chardonnay-swigging liberals in toasting:

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