S&C diversion–guilty pleasures

I’ve been considering participating in Mixology Monday, the once-a-month cocktail creation you share online.  The timing hasn’t been quite right (I always seem to be out of town the weekend before submissions are due – like this weekend).  Plus, I know I’m an amateur (and a bit of a perfectionist), so I’m hesitant to submit anything that I don’t think is brilliant.

This month’s Mixology Monday theme is guilty pleasures.  Here are a few of mine:

  • Shoes – Pretty obvious, huh?
  • Shopping – I’m such a cliché.
  • Cocktails – Primarily, the over-indulgence of cocktails.
  • Overspending – Weakness for designer brands.
  • Pop music – Justin Timberlake and ABBA have a place on my IPod.
  • Celebrity gossipUS Weekly and the Washington Post’s Reliable Source keep me up-to-date with Brangelina and the Bush twins.
  • Potatoes – Potato chips, french fries – I can’t stay away.
  • Facebook – Addicted, positively addicted.

Shoes & Cocktails wants to know: What are your guilty pleasures? And, any ideas how I can make a cocktail out of mine? Post a comment below!

3 responses to “S&C diversion–guilty pleasures

  1. What about a potato vodka concoction? Could be a good winter drink too for this nice fall weather.

    Your guilty pleasures are also mine, minus the shoes and shopping :) To mine you can add the vouyeristic pleasure of blog reading.

  2. maybe work some gold schlagger in there… you have some rich guilty pleasures that are over-indulgent!! i can’t wait to take full advantage of all of them on Saturday too…. (minus facebook, we will not be online;)

  3. That’s an interesting idea — potatoes and vodka. Maybe I could combine it with meat for something savory???

    Another idea–combine fancy chocolate liquors with coffee or espresso? I also love coffee, maybe too much. And, chocolate is a classic guilty pleasure.

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