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I’ve finally had time to sit down and take a look at the Washington Post’s new luxury fashion magazine, Fashion Washington, which launched in mid-September.  While it covers fashion totally and utterly out.of.my.price.range, it is pretty to look at, and I love the DC focus (see “Style Setters” and “Scene Stealers” sections, and website has PDF available for download).

The inaugural issue ran a story on Monica Favela George, a DC-based shoe designer, who is behind the Gigi Favela brand (named after her daughter).  In the article, she talks about designing walkable heels, or what she calls “action shoes.”  She insists that anything over 3 inches needs a platform in the front.  And, nothing over 3 ½ inches will allow you to fully strut your stuff.

Her design influences and inspiration come from architecture and American pop culture, which may explain these “fur bombs.” (Btw, the website won’t even list a price – you have to call!)

These studded white gold peep-toes seem much more reasonable.  I do like.

Her goal is to design highly wearable shoes and boots that women love.  Unfortunately, few can afford.  But — those peep-toes were marked down severely, so we’ll keep checking back.

2 responses to “Welcome FW

  1. Dear Miss S&C,
    I just started talking to someone who invited me to a very fancy wedding next weekend. I bought this dress: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/dresses/weddingsparties/PRDOVR~96522/99101567028/96522.jsp

    in the peacock color.

    Please help me find some shoes,

    your friend,


  2. Miss K,
    This is a lovely, lovely dress. I adore the peacock color, and those little silk “berries” gathered at the waist are gorgeous. Plus, I think this color can be worn in practically any season. Throw on a wrap and you’re good to go. Excellent choice!

    Now for shoes, I’m feeling metallics – gold or silver will do, depending on what jewelry you want to wear.

    I’m not a huge fan of “strappy,” so here’s a pair of pumps over at Endless from Ralph Lauren that may work (the web link is atrociously long, so it is at the bottom). They are a little over $80, and a little high (over 3 in). But, they would also look great with any little black dress/skirt in your closet – and those holiday parties are fast approaching! Another plus — free overnight shipping and on returns.


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