S&C diversion–having it all

Gwyneth Paltrow, by the looks of it, has it all.  Gorgeous, glamorous, wealthy, married to a rock star.  She wants to add lifestyle advisor to the list, so she has recently launched GOOP, a website/newsletter/soon-to-be media empire, where she can share her collection of experiences, thoughts, and ideas about what makes life good.  Some people have big problems with this.  Google it and you’ll find a trillion hits, along with too many ridiculous comments.  I guess people think she is trying to rub our noses in her good fortune.  Cynical people.  I’m personally not offended.  I like her style and think she has good taste.  And, I like hearing about new stuff, so I signed up.

We’re assuming the name, GOOP, is a combination of Ms. Paltrow’s initials and the word good.  The website seems to be a work-in-progress, but is organized into six categories: Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, See.  We’re also assuming that each of these categories will eventually be filled with content from her newsletters?  So far, the emails have covered London hotels, restaurants, and pubs (Go), buckwheat and banana pancakes (Make), and my fave so far, an article about fashion and personal style (Get).  Here’s a snippet:

“Ah, fashion… the fun frivolity that can really cheer a girl up… The key to it is realizing what works on you personally. At some point I figured out that following trends is not always the way to go, you have to know what works on your body and have confidence (not always easy) that what is flattering is fashionable.”

Not hard to figure out what I like so much — the boots are awesome.  She even makes me want a pair of booties.

You can sign up for the newsletters online, but it doesn’t look like you can view old issues.  If anyone is interested, I’ve saved three or four, so send me a note and I’ll forward them along.

6 responses to “S&C diversion–having it all

  1. I signed up but have only gotten one about cooking. I’d like to see the others if you’d send them along. Thanks S&C!

  2. Ms. JD, I have sent them your way. You may want to check your spam folder, I had one or two show up in there.

  3. I signed up right after the buckwheat banana pancakes email. I heart Gweneth and am trying to figure out the easiest way to become a lifestyle guru!

  4. I love it too! The website does seem to need some work, but the bits she has I love. I’m all about GOOP and being Gweneth. I heart her.

  5. Speaking of Gwyneth– have you seen her new show with Mario Battali on PBS? I think you’d love it. Here’s the blog and a little information. It is about food and Spain and everything amazing. http://www.spainontheroadagain.com/

  6. I love it too! The website does seem to need some work, but the bits she has I love. I’m all about GOOP and being Gweneth. I heart her. http://www.y8friv.com

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