Recession chic

Out: the free-spending fashionista.  In: the thrifty recessionista.

Recessionista is the newly coined term for a style maven on a budget.  As a recessionista, you can justify your spending habits because discount brands are not only smart, they’re trendy.  The New York Times’ article summed it up, by saying it “spins the economic downturn as an attractive retail trend.”  I don’t know who’s responsible, but it is brilliant PR for retail, if you ask me.

Sigerson Morrison, Target, $39.99

I’m looking to exercise my inner recessionista.  I think I’m going to cave and get a pair of booties.  I’ve been utterly against them, thinking they’re too trendy, and won’t last after this season.  Well, after seeing Gwyneth’s, and this pair of Sigerson Morrison’s my co-worker friend, Ana, picked up at Target, I want a pair.  But, I don’t want to spend a lot of money (because, I won’t wear them a lot, and I still think the trend will only last one season, two tops).

Here are a few possibilities – any thoughts?

Nine West, Endless, $69.95

Aerosoles, Piperlime, $69.99

Aerosoles, Piperlime, $69.99

Jessica Simpson, DSW, $59.95

Jessica Simpson, DSW, $59.95

Worthington, JCPenney, $53.99

Worthington, JCPenney, $53.99

Twist, Payless, $34.99

Twist, Payless, $34.99

4 responses to “Recession chic

  1. The wonders of marketing, making spending in a recession seem chic :)

    I would vote for the ones from JCPenny. I like the clean lines, thin yet not insubstantial heel, and buckle detail (as opposed to the lone buckle on the Aerosoles, which looks a little out of place in my opinion).

  2. I also vote for the Worthington pair. I think Booties are meant to be an accessory to add a little pop more than other shoes, I like the buckle detail. Although, the Jessica Simpson pair would look great for a night out.

    The thing with booties is I don’t see people wearing them correctly. I feel that they have to be paired a certain way, they can’t just replace your heels and they can’t just replace a boot. What is the best way to sport them Ms. S&C?

  3. Nine West, my personal vote.

  4. Great question JM! I don’t want to say they are a one outfit shoe, but that’s where I’m leaning. I only like booties in black (or maybe gray), and I really like them with tights. So, I think they look good with skirts or dresses that are on the shorter side — they should that fall above the knee.

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