It’s the thought that counts

Have friends and family that you still need to shop for?  Don’t know what to buy for your work gift exchange?  Gift-giving has gotten oddly competitive and so out of hand, it is now an exhausting chore to give gifts.  You stress about spending too little, or too much, and then there’s the fear of your recipient going home saying, “What am I going to do with this?”  Gifts do require some thought and some amount of time and/or money.  But, Ms. S&C is here to help with some holiday gift ideas that should please a few and not bust your budget.


  • The eco-friendly — pick up some organic fair-trade coffee, a coffee mug (I like these whimsical ones from Anthroplogie), plus a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Crème for good measure.
  • The wine pairing — there are plenty of great things to accompany a good bottle of wine.  (Don’t know what wine to choose?  Go to a wine store and they’ll be happy to make recommendations – just point them in the direction of red, white, dry, etc.)  Combine the wine with some fancy cheese, or another gourmet food item that compliments the flavors.  (Cheesetique is my favorite local cheese shop, and they are always great about helping navigate their large selections.)
  • The guy’s night out — combine a six-pack of his favorite beer (Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is a great choice this time of the year), a deck of cards, and a set of poker chips.
  • The straight-up boozer — you can find plenty of add-ons to go with his/her favorite spirit:  fancy olives for the gin drinker, or a cigar for the gent that likes Scotch.
  • The pampering — there’s got to be a lady in your life that deserves some pampering.  Pick up a spa gift certificate, ( gift certificates are accepted at a ton of salons across the country), and make it a pedicure package with nail polish and some luxurious foot cream (I love any of the lavender stuff over at L’Occitane).

S&C wants to know: Have other shoes and cocktails gift ideas?  Share your suggestions below!

2 responses to “It’s the thought that counts

  1. A great host/hostess gift this time of year is a nice bottle of champagne. If not enjoyed at the party, will be perfect for New Year’s celebrations.

  2. Ms. RB, I honestly can’t think of anything that I would want more than to be gifted a bottle of champagne.

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