Winter White at the Inauguration

Michelle Obama and Mary J. Blige seemed to be of a similar mind in their selection of winter white ensembles foobamar the inaugural events. Mary J. paired those aforementioned astounding python boots with a creamy, big-buttoned coat and matching scarf, while the First Lady picked a simply stunning one-shoulder white Jason Wu number with some sort of tufted/pleated/floral detailing.

As far as footwear goes, though, white can be a bit more of a treacherous zone. It might bring up harsh memories of the creamy pumps you wore to your eighth grade graduation. Or the snazzy white loafers that Clark W. Griswald pulls out in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Or your brief stint as a go-go dancer. But I say throw those worries to the wind—especially here in my part of Virginia. In the absence of a blizzard, snow storm or even a flurry, I’m more than happy to turn to sources other than the sky to get my fix of a winter wonderland.boots1

I love the architectural-style detailing and the rounded toe of this “vintage white” pair by Seychelles.

And these pumps from Pour pumps1la Victoire over on pair a lovely creamy upper with a shapely black heel.

Mrs. Obama’s lengthy dress prevents any peek of her footwear pick, so I can’t help but speculate. Now, the First Lady tends to shy away from any shoe higher than achristianlouboutin kitten heel. But this is a special occasion, and a special occasion calls for a statement shoe. These Christian Louboutins fit the bill and would complete the wintry look – but I’m undecided. Are they too busy for the gown? Is the 4.5-inch heel unreasonable for a full night of dancing? What would you pick to pair with the inaugural dress?

Such snow-inspired picks almost make me excited for the remaining cold days of winter. . . almost.

Posted by Miss Mojito

2 responses to “Winter White at the Inauguration

  1. I’m a big fan of Seychelles. Think they get some great colored shoes out there. Great boot selection. Don’t know about the 4.5 inch heels for the 10+ balls they attended. I myself could barely handle them this summer for a walk down the aisle, but I guess that’s in part why I’m not the first lady.

  2. Miss Mojito, thanks for your encouragement of winter white wear. I aspire to own a pair of Louboutins so I think they are a great choice for the First Lady’s gown. The cascading ankle strap is divine. How did you like her green patent Jimmy Choos for the swearing in ceremony? I liked the pop of dark green, particularly with the matching gloves. And news alert!!! I hear from Jason Wilson, the Washington Post spirits columnist, who reported it from Newsweek, that champagne is Mrs. Obama’s drink of choice. Further evidence of her superb taste.

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