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We’re live on Oscar night!

The S&C Team are blogging live on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year!

Ms. S&C: Just saw Heidi Klum in a gorgeous one-shoulder red hot number. And matching red satin pumps. Can’t wait to find out who those were. Not sure about the excessive jewelry. Did it even match?

Miss Mojito: So far, I’ve spotted two other ladies in red: best supporting actress nominee Amy Adams picked a drapey, strapless column gown; and Big Love’s Amanda Seyfried’s version features spaghetti straps and a big bow (which she paired with some cage-style, pewter heels). Amanda gets a thumbs-down from me, Amy is thumbs-up.

Ms. S&C: What are you drinking this evening Miss M? I’m at a friend’s six annual Oscar bash and starting with a glass of champagne, naturally.

Miss Mojito: Chianti and a plate of pasta for me!

Wow. Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t know what to say. When I saw her from the waist up, I swooned over the gold-detailed bodice. But when the camera panned down to the skirt, one might guess that she’s hiding a family of five beneath the layers.  I like drama as much as the next girl, but how is she going to sit down in that thing??

Ms. S&C: The stars from The Wrestler have arrived. Marisa Tomei looks great — love the smokey eyes. Mickey Rourke is true to his rebel self and has opted out of wearing a tux. So sweet that he has a picture of his late Chihuahua around his neck.

Miss Mojito: I definitely hope that Mickey wins best actor, just so we can hear his speech.

Hooray, winter white is ruling the red carpet! Melissa George and D.C.-native Taraji P. Henson both look pretty fantastic in white. Melissa’s look is a bit too lingerie-inspired for my tastes, but Taraji looks like perfection in her tiered, strapless version with a bold statement necklace. And I just spotted Marissa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood both in creamy, origami-pleated dresses. I’m hoping that Anne Hathaway’s paillette-covered, cream-tone gown looks better in person – on camera, it feels a bit dull to me. The verdict is out on Jessica Biel’s white dress – I like the billowy neckline, but the satin is already wrinkling. I think I just caught a glimpse of Penelope Cruz in white, too.

Ms. S&C: A comment from the gallery here — Jessica Biel’s dress looks like she has a large napkin tucked in. Not sure how I feel about all the draping. But yes, all kinds of winter white! Brangelina arrives! Even though Angelina is in a plain black dress, she looks better than ever. I think the curls soften her. And I love the pop of color from the green earrings.

Miss Mojito: All these floor-length gowns are a major source of frustration – where are the shoes?? Tim Gunn just asked Kate Winslet who designed her shoes (Yves St. Laurent), and the camera didn’t even catch a glimpse of them!

Ms. S&C: There really are a lot of red and white gowns this evening. I can’t get over it. I wish Tim Gunn was interviewing more celebrities. And I wish Miley Cyrus and the High School Musical gang weren’t taking up so much air time. Why are they even here? Miley might be wearing the worst dress I’ve ever seen.

Miss Mojito: Did anyone just see Tim Gunn literally chase Brad and Angelina down the runway to tell them how much he loves them? Too funny – Tim is definitely my favorite person on the red carpet tonight.

Wait, I take that back – the entire cast of Slumdog Millionaire might qualify for that distinction. They just gathered for a group interview and I got teary eyed. The kids are too cute for words, Dev Patel is charming and Freida Pinto is simply stunning. I’m a bit torn over her one-sleeve number, but the color and fit are highly flattering.

Ms. S&C: Hugh Jackman, I may want to marry you.

Miss Mojito: I think my favorite line of the night comes from the woman wearing my least favorite outfit. When Whoopi Goldberg, while praising Amy Adam’s role in Doubt, said “It’s not easy being a nun,” I laughed out loud (I’m a closet-fanatic when it comes to Sister Act I and II). But that leopard-print monstrosity of a dress – Whoopi, what were you thinking?

Ms. S&C: Tina Fey and Steve Martin — a winning combo. Tina looks fantastic in her shimmery dress and hair to the side–very 1930s.

On a separate note, I have to give a shout out to the Milk screenwriter who won for Best Original Screenplay–pretty awesome as political acceptance speeches go.

Miss Mojito: I love the mother-daughter duo of Meryl Streep and her daughter, Louisa. They complement each other so well—earthy tones, simple cuts, age appropriate, elegant hair. And I was a big fan of Meryl in Doubt – she makes a very convincing nun.

Ms. S&C: Holy god, my first shoe comment of the night is about the guy who won for Best Cinematography — he is wearing nude colored clogs.  I don’t care if he is Danish, it is wrong.

Mixed comments from the gallery on Natalie Portman’s dress. I kinda like her pink/purple-ish fitted gown. Ditto on the Streep family. So classy.

Ms. S&C: So, we’re about to close up shop for the night. Oh wait, Reese Witherspoon’s dress is a total disappointment. And the blue eye makeup is too much. She’s done so well recently. Halle Berry comes out for the Best Leading Actress presentation, and she’s worth waiting for–she’s looks great. Hooray for Kate Winslet! Anne Hathaway, we love you too, but we know you’ll be back.

That’s it for the S&C Team. Thanks for reading! Share a comment below and tell us who was your Oscar fashion fave and, of course, your fashion knave.

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine’s Day! The theme of love continues over here at S&C. Ms. S&C had two good friends marry a few weeks ago and thought now would be the time to share a few details.

Friends SB and LD were married in a courthouse ceremony, so they spent their wedding day with a small gathering of family and close friends — until an evening reception when many more of us joined them to celebrate. When I saw SB, she was stunning in a Tahari dress. The dress, knee length, had gorgeous silver detailing, a cut-out neckline, and was finished with a belted bow. I so wish there was a picture to share. It was very Jackie O/Audrey Hepburn-esque. SB said a courthouse wedding seemed a bit retro so she went with a vintage late 50s/early 60s look.

Naturally, I wanted to see what shoes she paired. And she really couldn’t have found a better match for the dress. The shoes were beautiful and elegant and had P-E-R-F-E-C-T bow detailing to compliment the belt on the dress. She picked up this ivory pair over at DSW, where there are more color choices. And with a price tag of $49.95, I’m very tempted to get the black ones.


SB’s perfect wedding shows with bow detail

Another fun retro-y detail — at the reception, instead of wedding cake, red velvet cupcakes were served. I’m not sure I’ve tasted a better cupcake. The baker has a blog where she shares the recipe, and she comments that “the intense red color of the cake has some sort of hypnotic effect, because people are always delighted just to lay eyes on the cake, and then absolutely smitten when they finally taste it.” Absolutely right, sista.


Delicious red velvet wedding cupcakes

To further celebrate this heart-filled holiday, here’s a romantic cocktail that fits the occasion. It was inspired by the Rose Royce Cocktail, courtesy of OVAL Vodka. One of the original ingredients in the recipe was rose syrup. I subbed St. Germain elderflower liqueur because it of its floral notes and because I already had it in my cabinet. I used grenadine instead of simple syrup so the drink would have a slight pink color. I also didn’t have any fresh thyme, but the rosemary in my garden has survived the winter (and it seemed a better fit, both in name and flavor). All in all, a lovely drink.

The Rose Cocktail
makes one drink

1 oz. Vodka (Oval recommended)
1/3 oz. St. Germain
1/3 oz. Grenadine
2/3 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
1 dash Angostura Bitters
½ glass Champagne

Shake all ingredients well over ice and pour into a flute half-filled with champagne. Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Winter White at the Inauguration

Michelle Obama and Mary J. Blige seemed to be of a similar mind in their selection of winter white ensembles foobamar the inaugural events. Mary J. paired those aforementioned astounding python boots with a creamy, big-buttoned coat and matching scarf, while the First Lady picked a simply stunning one-shoulder white Jason Wu number with some sort of tufted/pleated/floral detailing.

As far as footwear goes, though, white can be a bit more of a treacherous zone. It might bring up harsh memories of the creamy pumps you wore to your eighth grade graduation. Or the snazzy white loafers that Clark W. Griswald pulls out in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Or your brief stint as a go-go dancer. But I say throw those worries to the wind—especially here in my part of Virginia. In the absence of a blizzard, snow storm or even a flurry, I’m more than happy to turn to sources other than the sky to get my fix of a winter wonderland.boots1

I love the architectural-style detailing and the rounded toe of this “vintage white” pair by Seychelles.

And these pumps from Pour pumps1la Victoire over on Bluefly.com pair a lovely creamy upper with a shapely black heel.

Mrs. Obama’s lengthy dress prevents any peek of her footwear pick, so I can’t help but speculate. Now, the First Lady tends to shy away from any shoe higher than achristianlouboutin kitten heel. But this is a special occasion, and a special occasion calls for a statement shoe. These Christian Louboutins fit the bill and would complete the wintry look – but I’m undecided. Are they too busy for the gown? Is the 4.5-inch heel unreasonable for a full night of dancing? What would you pick to pair with the inaugural dress?

Such snow-inspired picks almost make me excited for the remaining cold days of winter. . . almost.

Posted by Miss Mojito