S&C diversion–favorite things

So, you’ve all likely seen, or at least heard about, Oprah’s Favorite Things segment. This is the annual show where she gives her studio guests her favorite products of the year. The gifts include anything from a high-definition TV to a book to a pair of shoes. And speaking of shoes, if you look at the list of products, since she started back in 2002, Oprah loves her some Ugg boots — they’ve made the list three times — and that’s with her skipping two years (in 2006, she gave everyone $1,000 cash to give-away; in 2008, she pared down the list considerably because of the sucky economy).

While hanging out at a friend’s birthday party over the weekend, this topic was much discussed. The question: if you could put together a basket of your ten favorite things, what would they be? A note: because you would be buying the products and giving them away, you may want to consider the item’s price tag (i.e. I love my iPod, but that’s not going in the basket).

Here’s my list:

  1. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur (for a cocktail with champagne)
  2. Otis Redding album ( I would give fans Otis Blue, all others would get a “Best Of,” or maybe I’d make my own?)
  3. Lavender plant (my favorite scent in the world–for lotions, soaps, aromatherapy, and as a garnish in the St-Germain cocktail)
  4. Newman’s Own Olive Oil and Vinegar salad dressing (I’m really picky about salad dressing, and this is the.best.one.ever.)
  5. Joy of Cooking cookbook
  6. Yahtzee (discovered the fun of this game in college, and it continues)
  7. Silver bracelet from the Master Craftsman (love the handmade bracelets from this little shop in my college town)
  8. Pashmina (likely in black–that’s the one I wear around my office at least three days a week)
  9. Colgate battery-powered toothbrush (I’ve only had this for a few weeks, and it is my first experience with an electric toothbrush, but I don’t know how I could go back)
  10. Potbelly sandwich (seriously, I eat one a week, and you have to add the hot peppers)

Interesting that there are no shoes on my list. Maybe it is because I don’t own a pair of Uggs? Obviously, now that I’ve shared mine, Ms. S&C wants to know: What favorite things would you put in your basket?

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9 responses to “S&C diversion–favorite things

  1. I’m with you on potbelly. I eat there almost everyday now. It’s becoming sad. I know a pair or two of Miz Mooz would also be on my list – probably the Casablancas.

    Need to think this through some more!

  2. LC, while they may not make your top ten, you also have some familiarity with #6 and #7, no? :)

  3. I need to rethink my list. I guess I am a gaint vain turd because nearly all my items have to do with anti-aging (and they don’t seem to be working…) Aside from them i could not live without my nasal rinse, snuggie, rosebud salve, tweezerman tweezers and grund hairbrush.

  4. This is so hard to narrow down! Beauty products would likely feature high on my list: Retin-A for sure, and likely a gift certificate for my latest obsession, eyebrow threading. A bottle of Tanqueray. A pesto and summer-tomato sandwich. Maybe a pair of flat, riding-style boots. Black tights from Target–the Asset brand. A serrated Cutco knife. The list could go on!

  5. Oh yes – Yahtzee and my silver bracelet would make the list too but also my grapefruit pairing knife and all of my Le Cruset cookware. I think my list is getting out of hand! Jorge from AI would not make my list. Adam might, need to hear more from him.

    Will you be covering AI??

  6. I love this and I went out and bought Newman’s dressing but I don’t think it was that flavor, but it was because of Miss S&C’s endorsement.

    Mine are food related because I am not a product kind of girl: 3-year-old gouda, mighty leaf jasmine tea, nut-thins crackers, yellow tail chardonnay, my juicer (although not for a basket but everyone should have one – as well as all 3 seasons of veronica mars on DVD), and body lotion from b&bw.

    Adam is totally on my list, btw.

  7. OMG! I love this topic. Sounds like your friend had a fun birthday party over the weekend! Too bad my memories are a bit spotty…

    I say we all bring our ‘favorite things’ basket to book club. It will be close enough to Easter that people are sure to find an amazing assortment of baskets for their packaging. Price point – $50 total. That is sure to be a challenge! What do you think?

    Thanks Ms S&C for the fun distraction today. Cheers!

  8. carr’s ginger and lemon creme cookies; the wire season four; the simpsons season four; pimm’s cup; patron anejo; coca-cola in a glass bottle; funny bones; northern lights; crackling pig and scallion pancakes from great wall supermarket; a deep tissue massage

  9. Many, many good choices. I didn’t even think about TV shows…. And to that point, LC, not sure how I would seamlessly connect S&C with AI–except to say that some of the contestants would drive the sober to drink (yes, Jorge is one).
    Now that Top Chef is over, and Project Runway is in who-the-hell-knows-status, I need to find some new S&C material that satisfies (justifies?) my pop-culture-TV-watching habits.

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