S&C diversion–cocktail cartoons

Ms. S&C loves the dry, sardonic humor of New Yorker magazine cartoons. Many months back, we shared a selection of shoe cartoons found in their Cartoon Bank. Well, we’re back at it with more funny stuff.

Because of strict copyrights, I can’t post the actual cartoon, so check out the links and report back to let us know your fave.

  1. Really? ‘Happy Hour’ is meant ironically? And you say everybody knows this?
  2. I want Chardonnay, but I like saying ‘Pinot Grigio.’
  3. One Martini on the rocks and one Martini in a bowl.
  4. I appreciate the overture, Nick, but I’m trying to cut down on after-work cocktails with Mr. Wrong.
  5. May I have a tiny umbrella in this, Ernie? I’m on vacation.

On a related note, this cartoon, “Being an accountant gives him that extra aura of danger,” is not in the running, but it is one that I purchased for Mr. S&C, who happens to be an accountant. I love that it takes place in a bar, and I love the irony. It is worthy to note that it appeared in the New Yorker shortly after the Enron scandal and the collapse of Arthur Andersen. In addition to being funny, it was well-timed.

Shoes & Cocktails wants to know: What cocktail-related cartoon makes you chuckle, and why? Have other funny stuff? Share it in the comments.

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5 responses to “S&C diversion–cocktail cartoons

  1. i can’t pick a favorite – i love them all!

  2. I enjoyed #5, mostly because of my recent experience with tiki drinks lacking umbrellas. As for #3, you put a dog in there and anything can be funny. #4 is a classic scene of guy trying to pick up girl, and failing. That leaves #1 and #2, which seem more original (?), and may be my faves.

  3. Great cartoons. I love that number 2 totally refers to an earlier S&C post about whether you order what you love or what you think you’re supposed to.

  4. #2 all the way!

  5. Love #4 because its pretty much the story of my life…

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