Go-To Footwear: Exploring the Staple Shoe

Last week, we explored go-to cocktails: those superlative beverages that are full of flavor, come together in a flash and are perfect entertaining staples. This week, we’re applying the same concept to our footwear, and taking a look at staple shoes.

So what makes a shoe a staple?

  • The most obvious requirement for a staple shoe is versatility. You can wear it to work, you can wear it out on the weekends, you can wear it shopping. Heck, you could even wear it sleeping, were you to nod off for a bit of nap whilst wearing said shoes.
  • Staple shoes have some element of the classic about them. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have a unique detail. One of my favorite staple shoes, for example, is a classic black kitten heel with a very non-classic studded star pattern. But these aren’t trendy shoes – they can return to your wardrobe season after season, with a little help from your friendly cobbler.
  • I hate to say it, but a shoe won’t work it’s way into my staple wardrobe unless it’s reasonably comfortable. Obviously, this rules out some fantastic and much-loved four-inch heels.

The latest acquisition to my staple shoe collection is a fantastic charcoal riding boot. The riding boot is my winter go-to shoe thanks to its fashionable warmth. This particular version comes from Nine West’s Vintage America collection. I love the rough-cut edge at the top of the boot, and the brass detailing adds a nice touch to this wardrobe classic. You’ll find me in this staple boot at least several times a week this winter. (And check out the awesome discount over at NineWest.com!)

Miss Mojito wants to know: what constitutes a staple shoe in your wardrobe?

Posted by Miss Mojito.

2 responses to “Go-To Footwear: Exploring the Staple Shoe

  1. Riding boots are *definitely* a shoe staple of mine. I’ve accumulated several pairs, including a dark brown pair from Nine West, from years ago.

    Another staple shoe for me is the wedge (preferably open toe). It is like my “champagne” of shoes — they can go with everything, day or night. And, to your third point — they can add height and be reasonably comfortable.

  2. You two are so in synch– I just had the pleasure of a cocktail or three with Ms. S&C and I plumbed her mind about the best black flat boots (I have been searching for weeeeeks!) & she said “I think there’s a great, embellished Nine West pair. Low & behold, Miss Mojito is already rocking them. Synchronicity! I just ordered a pair– does this make me as cool as y’all?

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