Ms. S&C’s holiday wish list–part 1

The indulgence of a compiling a wish list is frivolous, yet hard to deny oneself — especially during the gift-giving season. Ms. S&C strongly encourages you to think of (and give something to) those less fortunate during the holiday season. However, if there was someone out there (wink, wink, Mr. S&C) who wanted to spoil a certain blond blogger during the holiday season — well, here’s an idea.

The Hour, a chic boutique located in Old Town Alexandria, specializes in modern and vintage cocktail ware. They also offer a selection of framed vintage cocktail advertisements and portraits of women (from the New York Evening Post, in wonderful 1950’s and 60’s garb). Below is one of their classy art pieces, that I adore. I’d also be happy with any of their other très stylish glassware collections. Any cocktail enthusiast would. Great place for gifts!

Vintage print that Ms. S&C adores, and is available at
The Hour in Old Town Alexandria

Happy Holidays from Shoes & Cocktails!

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4 responses to “Ms. S&C’s holiday wish list–part 1

  1. Dear Ms S & C

    I am in need of a simple, not so fancy, but cutesy wootsy festive holiday get up. Whether it’s a new blouse with a skirt that’s already in the collection or a new dress with cute flats, I need something to pep me up and put me in the official holiday spirit for a holiday get together coming up this weekend. Ideas???

  2. How do you feel about brightly-colored or printed tights? Or a statement necklace? There’s a good chance you can find fun, festive accessories in place of a new outfit. For example, I *love* Banana Republic’s necklaces right now (more than their dresses, which is unusual). You can check them out at:

    I know suggestions are time sensitive, so I’ll see if I can find other options post-haste!

  3. Miss Mojito,
    I hear you were the recipient of some lovely vintage cocktailware? Please, share. I was as well, also thanks to Sister Mojito!

  4. Yes, just wait until you see this amazing glassware set. Can’t wait to write about it!

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