Ms. S&C’s holiday wish list–part 3

Ms. S&C’s holiday wish list continues… Not all of Ms. S&C’s gift items have to be one-of-a-kind vintage-y cocktail ware, or shoes that would break any normal person’s budget. Sometimes, a simple mug of hot chocolate will do just fine.

When Ms. S&C visited Chicago a few months ago, she tried hot chocolate (at Rick Bayless’ XOCO) that changed her life. (You can read about it in one of her Top Chef blog posts).

Now, she is spotting specialty hot chocolate on menus everywhere, including in her own neighborhood. Artfully Chocolate, a funky little chocolate boutique in Del Ray, Alexandria, has quite the hot cocoa menu and mixes. And, they are a perfect accompaniment to their already incredible selection of gourmet truffles — in delectable flavors such as chipotle cinnamon and toasted coconut. The gift box of 4, 6, or 12 pieces is a perfect, perfect gift for your chocolate-lover!

Happy Holidays from S&C!

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3 responses to “Ms. S&C’s holiday wish list–part 3

  1. I just picked up these Mexican Cocoa disques at Cheesetique. Vanilla, chili, almond and ‘plain chocolate’ flavors. Apparently, dropped in a cup of hot milk, they make delicious hot chocolate. Tomorrow will be a good day to test them out!

  2. Whole Foods has a whole selection of drinking chocolate out now– I got the Mayan dark, with a touch of spice. Yumm…

  3. Why haven’t I been calling it “drinking chocolate” !?!?! Shame on me. Both of these suggestions sound fantastic. And, when you really need a fix, I’ve found that Starbucks’ new “Signature” Hot Chocolate will do you right.

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