At the bar where Mr. and Mrs. S&C worked while in college, we came across the word “snowden” etched in one of the wood tables. We had fun discussing (and still do) whether the table defacer was referencing a literal “snow den,” giving a literary nod to the character Snowden from Catch-22,  or my personal fave — phonetically spelling “snowed in.”

As DC’s snowmageddon approached (and the second one now in full force), Ms. S&C reached out to her Facebook friends for ideas on a snowstorm cocktail. She was amazed at the response and creativity. Read on.

Ms. S&C it has been suggested that I come up with a snowstorm cocktail. Ideas?
February 5 at 3:50pm

MB likes this.

RSB You have to include snow in the glass instead of ice.
February 5 at 4:06pm

JW It should contain milk and toilet paper.
February 5 at 4:07pm

ETD Oooh…intriguing. I like this already.
February 5 at 4:18pm

KKS Use snow around the rim of the glass!
February 5 at 4:58pm

BG Strong whiskey and ice!
February 5 4:59pm

WHW How about a snow cream martini?
February 5 at 5:17pm

NB Hot Chocolate! (with Booze) Sounds gross but maybe there’s a way to make it tasty.
February 5 at 5:31pm

SLC I like WHW’s idea for the name!
February 5 at 5:33pm

NDB A little powdered sugar might give you a fluffy “snowlike” effect.
February 5 at 5:37pm

CT bloody marys!
February 5 at 5:59pm

Ms. S&C The best I could come up with is sloestorm — already had sloe gin in the house. Terrible pun, I know.
February 5 at 10:18pm

JO’L something with milk!
February 5 at 10:39pm

GS coconut martini with a liberal sprinkling of sugared coconut on top… mmmmm….
February 5 at 11:20pm

JTM I would go in two directions… something with a frosted glass… vodka… with bits of rock candy or something… Or i would do something with this Godiva chocolat liquer i have or cream… let me know what you create!
February 6 at 12:42am

JP Think fresh snow, sweetened fruit syrup of your choice, more sugar, rum, and copious quantities. You can survive the storm.
February 6 at 8:19am

SS I agree with JW – definitely needs to include milk and TP. Maybe a white Russian in a martini glass with an empty roll of TP on the stem of the martini glass?
February 6 at 10:59am

JW Having spent all day shoveling, I’m changing my suggestion to the Drivewaytini: two belts of scotch and a prescription painkiller chaser.
February 6 at 9:39pm

An article in today’s Washington Post says that making snow cream couldn’t be simpler: mix together fresh snow, milk, (or cream, or condensed milk), sugar and vanilla. Add a creamy liqueur (your choice of Godiva White Chocolate, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or maybe something coffee flavored), top with a garnish of toasted coconut, and I think you’ve got a winning snow-inspired cocktail! One could also try the classic snowball cocktail, but I’m no fan of creme de menthe, nor the number of ingredients.

Ms. S&C wants to know: What do you drink when you’re “snowden?”

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2 responses to “Snowden

  1. Back home in Wisconsin, we drink Tom & Jerry’s. You buy the frozen batter and add hot water and some brandy or rum.
    There are recipes online to make your own Tom & Jerry batter, it tastes delicious and warms you right up!

  2. Here’s a Tom & Jerry recipe from Esquire:

    Sounds like a warm, frothy version of an egg nog, and something I’d love.

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